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Top 5 Expensive Sports In The World

Many people consider sports as its favorite hobby. They admire watching and supporting their favorite Team or Player. Money has always been a primary requirement for everyone. There are people like Novak who work hard to acquire the required money for accomplishing their dreams. Here are the list of top 5 sports which are very…

Sri Lankan Veteran Mahela Jayawardene Snubs Desperate Cricket Selectors

Sri Lankan cricket legend Mahela Jayawardene has rejected a request to provide consultancy services to the struggling national team, saying he has no “trust in the system”. National selectors made a formal request Thursday to hire several legends, including Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, to a special committee advising on how to return to winning ways….

These Five Bowlers Never Bowled a No Ball In Their Career

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Over the years, world cricket has seen numerous bowling legends. In the era of 70’s-80’s, there was a dominance of fast bowlers, when West Indies were at their greater heights. But the Asia produced a quality of spinners in the same era and that cannot be neglected too. Let’s see some of the brilliant talents…

Lionel Messi – Some Amazing Facts About This Little Genius Of Football

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Lionel Messi, the little genius of football doesn’t need any introduction. This Barcelona forwards has turned 30 years old today. With the growing age, his quality of football has immensely improved. All the opinion polls and arguments for being best footballer goes on between him and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both the footballer’s fans keep on arguing and…

Hockey – The Second National Sport

The irony of 18th of June 2017 was, no one saw India winning, they all saw India loose. The cricket fanatic nation of India saw its national team loose the Champions Trophy Final to Pakistan. But rarely people celebrated its another national team defeat to Pakistan, 7-1 on aggregate which is a huge margin in a…

India V/S Pakistan: Laughing At the Loss

You are probably living under a rock if you don’t know it was India v/s Pakistan final in the ICC Champions Trophy and you probably ARE a rock if you don’t know the momentousness of this particular match. This is the match which ignites the unity amongst all Indians, this is the match which skyrockets…