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Men Share What It’s Like To Buy Sanitary Pads

Menstruation is something that we still don’t feel comfortable talking about in public(at least for most of the girls). Probably guys can’t even understand half of that pain that we go through like almost every month. I wonder ‘would guys buy sanitary pads for their girlfriend if she asked for it’, and when I looked…

Game Of Thrones – Winter Is Here In India

The Mega blockbuster with its Mega fan following is finally here after its Mega wait. Just as Game Of  Thrones fans scramble to find every piece of information as to what will happen to its favourite characters, internet is abuzz with leaks, plot spoilers and regular HBO synopsis. HBO recently came up with the titles…

5 Strange Things That Happen During Sleep

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Have you ever felt difficulty while sleeping? Numerous people, these days are coming with this problem of not able to sleep properly at night. There could be numerous reasons behind this syndrome such as stress, supernatural forces, anxiety, depression, and much more. When you don’t get enough sleep it gets reflects from your body language…