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Selena Gomez Undergoes A Kidney Transplant And It’s None Other Than Her Best Friend To Donate Her A Kidney

We all have our own set of best friends. But how far can you go to prove your friendship? What can you do to save your best friend? Selena Gomez and her best friend Francia Raisa are setting some major squad-goals. On Thursday, singer-actress Selena Gomez said that she underwent a kidney transplant to treat the lupus that has caused much pain and…

Movie Endings We’ll Never Get Over

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Some movie endings make you laugh or clap or cry even. Others take our minds and melt them with a twist we (usually) never saw coming. Titanic is just one of many movies with endings that have totally traumatized us, we’re still not over that watery sob fest, and it’s been over a decade. Compiled below are…

DJ Diplo Collabs with Shah Rukh Khan

It is not the first time that an accomplished international musician has collaborated with Bollywood stars. This has always mesmerized the Hindi cinema fans. Recent for Indians, song Phurrr in  Jab Harry Met Sejal is produced by DJ Diplo as he collaborated with Shah Rukh Khan. And so, we need to watch this video as…