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Periods: The Red Coloured Taboo

I went to a medical store to buy sanitary napkins for myself. Yes, I was in my periods. Packets of Whisper and Stayfree were right in front of me on the first rack. All of the people working in that store were boys. I asked one of them to give me a pack of Stayfree….

Things You Need To Overcome To Make A Transformation

Transformation, an extremely underrated and at times, considered as a real difficult term, is such an integral part of our lives. We are living in the fast generation where it’s getting hard to make time for own. In this busy, stressed life everyone is accepting some of the addiction which gives them relief, peace, feels…

Things Indian Parents Say That Annoy The Crap Out Of Us

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We all love and respect our parents and will go to any lengths to make them proud of us. But sometimes there are just some phrases used by our parents that just annoy the crap out of us. Here are some commonly used phrases used by Indian parents: 1) Beta, Shaadi kab karoge? No matter…

An Open Letter To The Society About New Generation

How many of you are SRK fans here? I bet more than 80% people love him, and he deserves to be loved. After all, he has had a long journey from KKKKKKKKKiran to Kiran! He has delivered one of his finest performances in Dear Zindagi with his almost child like artist, Alia Bhatt. Almost each one of…

5 Common Girlfriend Complains

Girlfriend problems

You have a girlfriend? Or are you the Girlfriend? Well, this post is for you then. Every girl on this planet has complaints from her planet and if you discuss them, you will find that its the same for all. We list below the most common girlfriend complains: 1) Change in importance :'( – Common…