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Thoughts You Go Through When You’re In A Relationship After Being Single For Long

Love, isn’t that a feeling that just makes us skip a heart beat? Now-a-days, people are really confused about what exactly love means. These days, understanding a relationship is even more complicated than understanding rocket science. This happens especially when you’ve been single for a long, long time and then finally, love knocks your door….

Things A Gujarati Is Literally Tired Of Hearing

Kem cho, people? Gujaratis, a vast community, is believed to be present in every corner of the globe. You pick at any random place on the globe, there must be either a Gujarati family residing in there or must’ve travelled once in their lifetime. Gujaratis are one of the sweetest people you’ll ever come across…

Parody: The Literal Side Of A Long Distance Relationship

Relationships, something that everyone is currently running away from. Some want to try ‘Friends With Benefits’ while some who already are in a relationship from a long time, once in a lifetime, they certainly had to go through a phase of so-called ‘Long Distance Relationship’. The worst part begins when you tell someone that you…

Here’s Why Whiskey Is Way Better Than Beer

Alcohol, who doesn’t like it? We all love to get a bit tipsy or happy high, especially on the weekends. Whenever one says alcohol, the first thing that comes to our mind is either beer or whiskey. There has been an ever since ongoing battle between which is the better drink – Beer or Whiskey….