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How Traveling Makes Our Life Better

There are a few experiences in life which is as rewarding as that of traveling. Traveling makes you a better person and this is told my many people. Moreover by traveling you are open to new people, cultures and challenges. Here are a few ways how traveling makes you a better person. 1. Traveling makes…

5 most Underrated Beaches in India

For all the beach enthusiasts out there, a perfect day at the beach with palm grooves and golden sand, and quite hustle free environment is a great way of spending their weekends. And who doesn’t love beaches? The pristine waters drench our soul and there is peace and calmness everywhere. But how often do we…

Oddest pet peeve people can have

We all get annoyed by different things as for example some get annoyed by chewing loudly, some get annoyed by burps and many more. Moreover these are some of the most common pet peeve people have. But pet peeves are something that are different to each one of us. So different, that sometimes we wonder…

What Each FRIENDS Character Taught Us

FRIENDS have been our favorite show ever. It is still running on our mainstream television and is a proof that people still are not able to get over with the show. But it’s true that FRIENDS will always remain the show we binge watch on whenever we get time and whenever we feel stressed out….