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Suburbian Swag: Town Eateries Come All The Way To Ghatkopar

Not that it didn’t have enough of swag already, but Ghatkopar is much more than it’s Khau Galli, cheese burst dosas and gujju community. Ghatkopar’s food collection is the best among suburbs, and as a resident I feel it’s a pity that all everyone focuses on are the road side stalls and ‘almost restaurants’ native…

Hollywood Movies That We’ve Copied Very Poorly

Coming from a box-office based, song-for-every-scene kind of industry, Bollywood has been doing pretty well despite the overdose of all the masala and drama. Although making ridiculously unrealistic films which defy the laws of logic and the ever undefeated Newton rule of the hero NEVER dying in our films (with rare gravity defying exceptions of…

Periods: The Red Coloured Taboo

I went to a medical store to buy sanitary napkins for myself. Yes, I was in my periods. Packets of Whisper and Stayfree were right in front of me on the first rack. All of the people working in that store were boys. I asked one of them to give me a pack of Stayfree….

A Little Insight Into History : The Reagan Version

When your hobby is bi-continental, like Ronald Reagan’s, telling jokes crosses ‘oceans’ and surpasses becoming mere anecdotes shared at a dinner party to keep it amusing. Add the post of the President of United States of America to it, and you have a funny speech in the making. This video is proof that even Presidents…