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These Are World’s 5 Most Destructive Plants

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Ask any homeowner who has tried to keep his or her yard looking nice and neat, and they’ll tell you that invasive plants can be a serious headache. Next, try talking to a farmer, conservationist or epidemiologist, and they’ll tell you they don’t give a rat’s ass about some crabgrass in your lovely little yard…

These Amazing Facts About Amazon Drones Will Shock You

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Amazon is on way to create history in the USA to become the second most organizations to operate drones apart from the American military. Recently Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that they will be making drones for their product deliveries. The company has decided to start a domestic drone delivery service with the help of UAV’s…

Amazing Facts About Monsoon In India

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Monsoons in India is currently going on, and we are here to present you all some less known facts associated with it. Monsoon is quite important for various places in India which are totally dependent on the rain water especially Mumbai. Agriculture and drinking water are two one of necessary things that totally depends on…

10 Amazing Facts About Human Body

The human body is no less than wonder when it comes to withstanding a lot of grueling and unexpected things. There are numerous amazing things that we still don’t know about them. There are numerous activities and functions that whose workings will give you goosebumps. Our body is one of the most complex and mysterious mechanism systems. This…

Top 10 Fun Things To Do If You’re Travelling To Dubai

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If you’re thinking to visit Dubai anytime soon, then don’t forget to visit few amazing places there, which will fill you with an exciting and thrilling experience. Dubai which has risen from dust and sand to one of the world’s largest and global trading and business hub. It’s not the oil only which has contributed to the…