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Rajshri Marathi’s #JaraCleanComedy Random Gappa

“What do you keep talking about for so long?”, this is a question that gets asked to you and your best friend countless number of times. School teachers, mom, dad, brother, sister, neighbours, girlfriend or boyfriend, everyone has asked this question. However, did you ever try finding the answer for this? If not then don’t…

10 Classic Old Games That Are Still Enjoyable

doom, gaming, shooting game, first person shooter, retro game, classic old game

Games have evolved and become better in terms of graphics and technology. But some times taking a look back we realise that there were quite many golden memories we lived through some old games. Let’s take a look at some of the classic old games that we played through and still live on with us….

10 Things That Saints Row Series Does Better Than GTA Series

GTA series has defined the open world gaming genre. There are very few games that give close competition to this series, and many fail miserably. But there’s one game series that’s stood out and in many ways even fared better than GTA series in some aspects. We are talking about Saints Row series. Let’s take a look at the 10…

GTA V: 10 Minute Details You Probably Didn’t Notice

The GTA franchise needs no introduction of it’s own. This series revolutionised the open world genre forever and developer Rockstar Games has pushed their limits with every new title. Here are some interesting minute details about GTA V that you probably didn’t know. 1. People hiking on top of Mount Chilliad take selfies on their phones 2. While playing…