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Thoughts About The Golden Globe Nominations 2019

Well folks, the Golden Globe nominations have been announced and as has become tradition they were roundly mocked by the entire internet within minutes. We’ve gotten so serious about the Golden Globes being less than serious that it’s hard to take ourselves seriously anymore. Confused yet? Good. That’s kind of the point of the Golden Globes. They muddle the categories, celebrate a few films and performances the Academy is bound to turn its nose up at, throw in some TV talk, and generally leave us with an enjoyable but criticized, warped but possibly meaningful vision of the best in entertainment from the last year.

Putting things more simply, this is our first round of hints about where the Oscars could be headed, only we can only trust these hints a little bit. More specifically, here are some thoughts on the nominations.

‘Vice’ Might Pull A ‘The Big Short’ 

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Look at early Oscar odds and there’s actually not a lot of love going around for ‘Vice,’ the Adam McKay dramedy about former Vice President Dick Cheney and the Bush administration. The Golden Globes tell a different story though, with ‘Vice’ nominations all over the place. It’s also worth noting that this movie hasn’t been widely released yet, so it still has a chance to make a massive impact with viewers and thus shift the Academy’s thinking a bit. Best case scenario: it imitates McKay’s last foray into serious but tongue-in-cheek filmmaking, ‘The Big Short,’ which earned a Best Picture nomination.

Best Actress Is The Most Compelling Category 

You know those Oscar odds I just mentioned? You might want to actually give them a serious look regarding the Best Actress category over the next few months. Right now Oscars odds are primarily on film-specific platforms like GoldDerby, but in the weeks ahead they’ll begin to populate the established online bookmakers that are all over the internet and which tend to get in on the big shows in a fairly revealing way. These odds are almost definitely going to show an extremely competitive race for Best Actress, because it looks to be the year’s most compelling category.

We have Rosamund Pike as a gritty war journalist in ‘A Private War’ versus Melissa McCarthy taking a serious turn in ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me.’ We have Lady Gaga smashing onto the acting scene in ‘A Star Is Born’ versus Glenn Close returning to Oscar circles in ‘The Wife.’ Olivia Coleman wows in ‘The Favourite,’ Charlize Theron does Charlize Theron things in ‘Tully,’ and Constance Wu charmed everyone’s socks off in ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ It’s an absolutely loaded category with no clear, prospective winner.

Hollywood’s Race Awakening Continues 

You almost can’t find a major category at these Golden Globes with an all-white focus. When has that ever been true before? Best Motion Picture Drama includes ‘Black Panther,’ ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ and ‘If Beale Street Could Talk,’ all of which have black directors and primarily black casts. Best Actor Drama includes Rami Malek and John David Washington. Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy includes ‘Green Book,’ a film about race relations, and ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ which revolutionized Asian presence in American cinema.

The list goes on, and while I’m not suggesting Hollywood has solved its diversity issues, it’s at least making a sustained stride in the right direction. So, and I can’t believe I’m saying this: kudos to Hollywood for recognizing these last few years that not all talent lives in white Americans.

If Rami Malek Doesn’t Win, Everyone Should Be Arrested 

I’m serious. The FBI should be waiting outside the ceremony to bust in and arrest literally everyone in sight if Rami Malek doesn’t win his award.

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He’s nominated for Best Actor Drama for transforming himself into Freddie Mercury and giving us the most exciting Queen concerts since Queen concerts. Sure, the movie failed to be a total masterpiece, but Malek absolutely roared off the screen in the best possible way. He should win, he should win an Oscar, and he should be at the beginning of a dominant run as a leading man.

Having A ‘B’ In Your Title Is Mandatory 

Every film nominated for Best Picture in the drama category has a ‘B’ prominently situated in its title. These ‘B’s aren’t just throw in there – they speak for the words. So, that apparently counts for something in 2018.

Emma Stone Might Catch Fire 

Looking at the list of nominations we have before us, there appears to be every chance that Emma Stone will win a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for her compelling work in ‘The Favourite.’ That would mean consecutive wins in major categories, and would establish a J-Law-like run for Emma Stone. Worth remembering is that Stone is only 30 years old and can probably get just about any part she wants and could conceivably be a fit for right about now. This means the high school sweetheart from ‘Superbad’ could emerge from the Golden Globes on the inside track in the Next Meryl Streep race, with the unfortunate caveat that there is no such thing as a next Meryl Streep.

Barry, Julia, & Richard Make TV Interesting 

‘Barry’ is the brilliant dark comedy that Bill Hader engineered for HBO. Julia Roberts is at the head of a list of movie stars snagging Golden Globe nominations for television work. And Richard Madden is the one-time King of the North, Robb Stark from ‘Game Of Thrones’ who has reappeared as a dapper British police sergeant in ‘Bodyguard.’ What these three things have in common is that they’re making the TV categories at the coming Golden Globes very interesting. Instead of another run of ‘Game Of Thrones’ adoration, ‘The Good Place’ anointing, and all that good stuff, we may actually see some exciting wins for shows and people we’d never have seen coming a year ago.

Black Panther Might Win A Freaking Oscar 

Golden Globe, Golden Globe Nominations, Awards, Nominations, Hollywood, Actor, Actress, Stars, Actors, Actresses, Movies, TV shows, Award, Trophy, Story

Yeah. Get used to this idea. There is very little hype propelling any of the other Best Picture nominees in the drama category over ‘Black Panther.’ It looks like a legitimate contender here, and after that who knows? We might be a few months away from a Marvel superhero movie winning the biggest prize in cinema. I don’t know how to feel about it, but Wakanda forever.

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