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A Home Far Away From Home: The NoName Guest House In Arambol, Goa Is A Perfect Place To Experience An Unpretentious Vibe

There’s a term in Welsh, a language spoken natively in Wales, called ‘Hiraeth’ which means ‘A home which was never your home.’ Imagine a place that gives out nothing but positive and happy vibes in abundance and is your home far, far away from home!

The NoName Guest House is a cozy and vibrant place which feels less like a guest house and more like an environment where you’d like to make your stay a memorable one.

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NoName Guest House

Located in Arambol, North Goa, we will give you enough reasons for why should you choose to stay here.

We make endless plans coming to Goa with our friends but every time it is either postponed due to reasons like finding a perfect stay or the weather, etc. However, when it comes to finding your perfect stay, there’s nothing like staying in a guest house — economical on pockets, clean rooms, friendly environment, healthy food, and you get to interact with a lot of new people from different countries.

If you are planning to go to Arambol, there are plenty of guest houses in and around there, but if you’re looking for a place that has an atmosphere like home, where the host is absolutely friendly and which is extremely accessible to the market and the beach, it has to be none other than The NoName Guest House! Want one reason? I’ll give you 8!

Whats and Wheres

The NoName Guest House is located in Arambol market area. It is hop, skip, jump distance from Arambol beach and has a plenty of food joints to eat around.

NoName, Guest House, Guest, House, Stay, Goa, beach, beaches, sea, shore, Arambol, travel, tourist, tourism, travelling, traveler, wanderlust, party, parties, North Goa
The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

All the shopaholics, there are numerous shops selling hippy and funky clothes while some shops are for the souvenirs you’d like to collect or gift. Also, there’s every smallest thing to your availability – from a general or a medical store to wine shops, the area has got you all covered. With 12 cozy rooms available, they’re pretty full throughout the year.

How to get here

Goa is accessible from many cities all across the country. You can reach Goa through flight, rail or road.

Image: Holidify

–  If you’re coming by flight, you can get a taxi to Arambol from the taxi stand right outside the airport.

– If you’re travelling by train, Thivim is the nearest railway station and you can easily get rickshaws from right outside the station. The cab drivers will charge a bomb, hence avoid cabs. Arambol is just 50 minutes away from Thivim railway station.

– If you’re travelling by road, switch on Google maps and follow the road. In case you’re travelling by a bus, it’ll leave you at Mapusa bus stand from where Arambol is just 45 minutes away. You can hire a two wheeler from there itself.

This being the peak season for Goa, one pro-tip: Make your train/flight bookings well in advance. If you’re planning to hit the road and don’t have a vehicle, there are buses that are super comfortable and in fact, they’re better than train.

Why live here?

A home far away from home, isn’t that enough of a reason? Well, to be more elaborative, this place is located in the heart of Arambol.

The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

Right next to the market and the beach, it has taxi stand that’ll take you to your desired location. The palm trees embracing the roof top of the guest house, an awesome co-working space with great WiFi connection, cleanliness up to the mark, cozy and comfortable rooms, scrumptious and delicious food, and a service that’ll give you a European feel in India is extremely rare to find.

Humans of NoName

– Alex:

Owner Alex with his wife Vera at The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

A gentleman from Russia, he is the most humble person I’ve met. He made sure our stay was perfect and helped us in any manner he could.

– Vera:

Meet the Kitchen Ninja of NoName Guest House and Alex’s beautiful wife – Vera! She made the best breakfast ever and her recipes are something I’d steal. A woman with just positive vibes around her, she made sure our meals were delicious.

– Maid In India:

Maid of The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

Well, I still couldn’t figure out her name, but she was undouteddy the most sweetest and savage person I met in my trip to Goa. It was so much fun conversing with her in Marathi and mind you, her English is way better than ours. She made sure our rooms were clean always.

– The Crew:

Crew at The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

And meet the crew behind making our meals scrumptious and fulfilling! They were so helpful and tolerated my last minute requests.

In & Around

Sunset at Arambol beach, Goa

Arambol is one of the finest beaches in North Goa. You’ll find more foreigners than Indians over here, for they love the vibe of the area. There’s a lot that you can do when you’re staying in Arambol. For starters, you can visit a beach, enjoy the sunset with a chilled beer. Go on a shopping spree with your girlfriends and bargain till your heart’s content.

For sight seeing, there’s a beautiful hidden lake called Paliem Sweet Lake. A barely 15 minutes walking distance from the guest house, this is something you shouldn’t miss, for a calm swim is all it takes to soothe your soul. If you go a bit further from the lake, there’s a point from where you can do paragliding and experience the adrenaline rush.

Sweet Lake beach, Arambol, Goa

For all the party animals, all the happening clubs, pubs and restaurants are just a 45 minutes drive away from the guest house. If you want to rent a car, there are many vendors out there who’d be helping you out for the same. But if you’re smart and prefer not to drink and drive, cabs are always available at your service right outside the guest house to take you back and fro.


The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

Ah, the food! Mama-mia! The NoName Guest House is undoubtedly a praise for all the foodies out here. The chefs here are so warm, kind and a kitchen ninja! You’ll be in awe looking at their cooking skills. With a hygienic and cute little open kitchen, they serve delicious food with a European twist. For breakfast, Sunny Side Up and Pancakes served with fresh fruits and honey are to die for!

The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

They do serve lunches as well. If you wish to try something new and more local, you can try this amazing shack named Hungry Geckos on Arambol beach. Their staff is extremely friendly, helpful and will suggest you something really nice to eat. DO try their Chicken Steak with Mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes!

My Experience

I’ve been to Goa a gazillion times and overtime I’ve been there, I’d always choose a good hotel or a villa to stay. However, this time I wanted to try something different – something more local yet get some another nation’s feels (especially the food). And when a friend suggested me The NoName Guest House, it was the perfect location to stay and dive into some lip-smacking food.

The NoName Guest House, Arambol, Goa

My experience here has been wonderful as I was surrounded by wonderful people like Alex! Thank you Alex for having me over and giving me a bag full of memories!

Will I come back here?

Abso-freakin-lutely! I’d love to stay at this lovely guest house again and this time, I’m going to make sure I learn some Russian too. Guys, if you’re planning to visit Goa anytime soon and want to experience an amazing stay, food, ambience, culture, with an ideal location, The NoName Guest House is your go-to place and Alex is your man!

Arambol beach, Goa

Thank you for having me here, guys. If you’d like to book your stay at the guest house, here’s where you can do it.

Got any suggestions or questions about the same, drop them in the comment section below. Till then, bon voyage! And for more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram . You can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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