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Things You Can Do To That Friend Who Always Gives You Spoilers

Spoiler, Spoilers, Spoilers, don’t we love them? (Being unabashedly sarcastic)

We love our friends, don’t we? We can live and die for our friends. Sometimes we love them to an extent where where a bond becomes deeper than well… all the things that are deep on this planet (Don’t think too much!).

But amidst all our best buddies there is always this one person who knows how to ruin the mood by giving you spoilers. Imagine being excited about watching a particular show or movie. You decided what time, day, date, century and at what country you will watch the show but then this one ‘friend’ appears out of nowhere and tells you who died.

Instant Mood Kill

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No one wants to know spoilers especially if a show/movie is highly anticipated and the suspense kills you!

Hence, to deal with creature like you you will need a plan, a plan to get rid of those ‘friends’ who give you spoilers without understanding the excitement of your inner core. And yes I put friends under ” because true friends won’t make you go through that ordeal.

Block Them.

Block them. Simple as that. You need such people in your life. Block them from Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, your phone, your life, from Tinder if you may and so on. Just block them


Throw them down the hill (Not literally)

Well ideally you shouldn’t throw anyone down the hill unless you want to go to jail. But you can throw them down the hill in your head! Just imagine this 10 times a day until your inner core is satisfied.


Try not to punch them in the face.

Of course they deserve it! I know! But let’s not do this unless you want to be in jail. Or unless you can prove it was self defense.


Tie them up the fan.

Follow point number 2 for this as well. I know your mind is evil!


Mix loose motion medicine in their food. 

Feel free to do this. After all loss motions help clean a stomach. They are also a good way to take revenge. Just mix a little of ‘julab churan’ in their drink and watch the magic unfold.


Yell at them for ruining your life.

Don’t you think they deserve it, especially for killing your vibe?


Never see them again/ Never speak of them again.

Turn them into Voldemort- he who can’t be named. Or she who can’t be named. Let’s be gender neutral here.


Post an ugly picture of them with caption #SpoilerAlert.

Try it! It always works. This will rile them up. It will also be a good way to punish them for all the Infinity War spoilers.


Spit in their coffee.

Just don’t tell them okay? Let this be our secret! #FriendsForever


So these are just some revenge ideas which you can easily execute (especially in your mind if you have an active imagination)

So next time you find a friend that gives you spoiler, then by all means keep them away!

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P.S: This isn’t a drunk post it was written in a proper sober state of mind, also it is meant completely for entertainment purposes for our readers. Please don’t follow our instructions or else you might really end up in jail. Much Love!!

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