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Manikarnika Producer Kamal Jain Backs Kangana Ranaut Over The Surfacing Controversies

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming flick “Manikarnika“, which has become a center of media and controversial hooplas, is taking a new turning point with each passing day. Amid all the reports of Kangana apparently “hijacking” the project as a director, Producer Kamal Jain stood by the Bollywood actor and said that the reins to helm the period drama were handed over to her because of her creative inputs.

It seems that this Bollywood drama is not going to conclude anytime sooner. Jain in a statement revealed that the additional shoot of the much-anticipated movie, is currently being shot at ND Studios at Karjat, in Mumbai. Kangana Ranaut took over the shoot responsibilities from the then director of the movie, Krish. He said that after the previous schedule got over, they saw the line up of the film. After going through the work, they realised they needed a few additional scenes along with the necessary patchwork. And hence, the “Tanu Weds Manu” actor was brought into the directorial scenes, as Krish was busy with his next project by then. The actor who was creatively involved with the film from the beginning, it was a planned decision to take her as the director. The decision was approved by every cast and crew of the film, including the producer and the studio.

The controversy was sparked when pictures from the sets of ‘Manikarnika’ with Kangana’s name as director, went viral on social blogging sites. Rumours surfaced that Krish left the film under the Bollywood ‘Queen’s‘ influence. Recently, Sonu Sood’s untimely departure from the film triggered the controversy.

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The movie which was set to initially release in April was later pushed to August and now the producer said the team is committed to releasing the film as scheduled on January 25 next with an “aggressive production schedule.”

On responding to Sonu’s departure, Jain said, “While we managed to get matching dates from Danny Denzongpa, Jishu Sengupta, Ankita Lokhande and others, we got stuck on Sonu Sood’s combination dates and continuity look as he has grown a beard for ‘Simmba‘. Hence, we had to let him go, Zeeshan Ayub now plays the character of Sadashiv.”

While Jain is affirmative about the making, he assured that the film is going on smoothly. He even added that Nick Powell had been called to design some “mind-blowing action shots to complement with what has already been shot earlier.”

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