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Krupa Shah : An Artist On A Mission To Make A Difference With Her Art

With the growing negative cases and pessimism taking all over our daily lives, there’s a ray of positive hope and we were fortunate to have a lovely interaction with her. We’re talking about none other than the artist who believes in making a difference through her art – Krupa Shah.

Krupa Shah, an authentic artist, a spiritual soul, with a heart of gold, is sure an inspiration to many.

Not only she is an artist, but she is also an art professor to the blind kids in Mumbai and Jammu & Kashmir. An absolute spiritual persona, a bundle full of joy and optimism, a painter who believes in conveying strong social messages to the society through her magnificent paintings, she is unstoppable.

Krupa Shah

Have a look at how interesting was our conversation with her:

Q: How did you start this wonderful idea of conveying a message through your art? And do you come from an artistic background?

A: Let’s start with this – I don’t come from an artistic background at all. I’m the only artist from my maternal family and even when it comes to my husband’s side.

Coming to the first question, artists are always humble. They have a humanity in them, and serving people is an inborn desire of theirs. So when you have creativity and art as a mode of communication, what more would one want! Giving a message through my art has always been my belief and I follow the same by teaching art to kids, specially the blind children.

Q: Why specifically blind children? How challenging it was to teach them as compared to the ‘normal’ children?

A: Blind children because they’re disabled, very different from what we define normal. I always wanted to make them feel like everyone else, make them realise they’re no different from other people. And inculcating art into them, introducing colours and hand touch to them, teaching them different techniques just develops their confidence. An everyday practice makes them a different person every single day.

When it comes to how difficult it was, initially I faced a lot of challenges. You know, it was not easy for me either. I had millions of questions running in my mind like whether or not they’ll accept me, will I be a good teacher to them, will they be interested in art, and many more. You can’t tell them that what’s a white colour, but you can certainly tell them how is a white colour. I chose food or rather flavours and smell that they use in their daily lives as a reference to make them relate to colours. For example, vanilla is a white, while the warmth of the sun is a yellow. That is how they connected to me, to my way of teaching.

Q: Tell us something about the fundraising you’ve done for Asifa’s case through your painting.

A: Oh yes, about that, the idea wasn’t to raise funds but to spread awareness through art. My only intention was to connect emotionally with the parents and tell them that how precious their child is.

Krupa Shah, art, artist, paint, painter, Asifa, paintings
Painting of Asifa by Krupa Shah

I started getting in amazing response for the same, so I thought why not use it as a medium for raising funds and donating the same to the lawyer and the family of the innocent child! We’re in talks with the Jammu & Kashmir government and once when all the formalities are done, we’ll be donating the money collected to them.

Q: Do you think art is really making a difference in our society? If yes, how do you plan to contribute towards it?

A: Art can make a difference in everybody’s life. I’m going to make sure it becomes a mandatory subject in every school because it acts as a stress buster. Whether it is a child or an adult, they often get frustrated and take the wrong path. In such cases when art is inculcated in them through childhood, they’ll just paint on a canvas and be fresh again.

Q: Do you think art should be in a mainstream form or one should be left free to put down their imagination on a piece of paper?

A: A basic foundation is a little bit necessary, and then you can leave them all on their own. I don’t work in a way that the colours should not come out of the line or you have to resonate the exact thing you see on a canvas. You want to splash colours out of the line, do it! That might create another masterpiece. I have zero boundaries or limitations when it comes to art.

Q: What are your future plans? Are your paintings on focusing on women or on social issues like Kerela floods or men being harassed as well?

Krupa Shah, art, artist, paint, painter, Asifa, paintings
Krupa Shah

A: Before painting about any thing on such social issues, I’d like to go through a thorough interrogation. Once I get into a clear thing, once I get a clear message, I’ll be going into it too.

Q: Who is your inspiration in doing everything?

A: Wow, this is a difficult question. But I can say that its the inner me, my heart that always calls for humanity. Second, my mom! I’ve seen her doing all these things and that is where I drew my inspiration from. She has been my biggest support.

Q: What is the sweetest compliment that you’ve ever received?

A: I remember there was this child from the blind school where I teach. I was teaching them all about my journey and when I was explaining them, there was a little 7 years old boy who cam upto me and said that he won’t be going for lunch because he enjoys sitting with me, paint and talk. He kissed me on my cheek and said this is the best ever thing happened to him in his life.

Q: One last message you’d like to give to everyone who is following you or is doing something for the society?

A: I would say that to achieve success, it takes a lot of hardship and patience, but if you’re firm and consistent on it, you’ll definitely get the results. Once you start getting the results, always contribute some part of it to the society and that feeling will boost your morale to another level.

Krupa Shah with the legend Dalai Lama

Isn’t this conversation absolutely inspiring? Krupa surely is on a move to make a difference to our society for good, and we salute her passion for art. We’d like to thank Kruttik Parekh  for introducing us to such a wonderful soul.

You can visit Krupa’s website and have a glance of her amazing work here. You can now follow her on Facebook and Instagram. And for more such interviews with versatile personalities, stay tuned to Tell Me Nothing. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing

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