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With Kapil Sharma Coming Back To TV Screens, Here’s Looking At Some Of His Recent Photos

Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma is ready to make his comeback on television with a brand new comedy show. Earlier, a source to Kapil had informed in a news “It will be a crisp and fresh project. We are still figuring out whether it will be a new show or the next season of The Kapil Sharma Show.” Kapil was ruling the small screen with his comedy show and numerous appearances at award shows but after his feud with Sunil Grover, things quickly went south. Sunil and many other members of Kapil’s team walked out and Kapil was left with the task of maintaining the quality of his show.

Kapil was recently spotted jogging on the beach and from the photos, we can see that the actor is trying hard to be healthy again. His feud with the Simoes sisters was also quite public as all the parties concerned gave many interviews. The comedian even went on a rant on Twitter where he abused many. After launching his show Family Time with Kapil, it was being said that Kapil was back for good but the show was shelved only after three episodes. Kapil Sharma has been on a break since then. A source earlier told, “Kapil really needed this break to introspect on his life and career. The fallout with his The Kapil Sharma Show co-stars and the failure of Firangi really left him disturbed. While he assumed that launching Family Time with Kapil Sharma will ease out his problems, it only made matters worse. Added to that, the entire fiasco with the journalist and the Simoes sisters further left him distraught. It was too much to handle for him.”

Source: Nes19

Kapil Sharma also produced and starred in Firangi, a Hindi film that sank without a trace.

Talking about his new show, a source close to the comedian told us, “Kapil is still traveling. He will be back in Mumbai by mid-September. We would then start working on the content. Everything is at a very initial stage at the moment. We are looking forward to launch it during Diwali. Kapil is geared up to produce a quality show that will entertain his audience. He is looking at making another comedy show. We haven’t yet locked the team.”

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