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Rains Ruin Plans. Here Is What You Can Do When You Are Staying In On A Rainy Day

Monsoon is here and let’s be honest, it is pretty boring. You can’t really go outside unless it’s extremely urgent or you work, in that case rains are a complete no-no for you. But when you are in, you just feel like cuddling up into your blanket and doing nothing all day. Well it does sound very lazy, it definitely bores you. So what do you do? There isn’t pretty much anything to do and you let boredom slip in and you live in it.

Here are some things you can definitely consider trying if you’re trying to curb that boredom and avoid rains ruin your day. Check these out

  • Bake

rains, bake, cakes, muffins
Source: the MyCorporation Blog

This is definitely a season when you crave for something home-baked and delicious to eat. Well, take this as a chance to bake a cake or some muffins or some cookies. It’s fun and also you wouldn’t know how the time passed.

  • Watch Harry Potter movies

rains, boredom, harry-potter, series, movies
Source: SheKnows

This one is an ultimate favourite! Monsoon has the perfect weather to binge watch Harry potter. No matter how many time you have watched it, you always remind yourself watching the series as soon as it rains.

  • Read a book

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Source: Picjumbo

Get an interesting novel and cup of coffee and sit by the window while its raining. It just beautifies the reading experience and keeps you glued to the book

  • Work out

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Source: Woman’s Day

If you have a treadmill or any other exercise equipment at your house, then work out. This is the best way you can put this time into and get fit along with it

Clean up

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Source: News Medical

It’s a good time to clean up the mess you might be leaving around for the whole week. Get down on your feet and start cleaning around. You will thank yourself later.

Here are a few activities you can do while you are staying in at home. Can you relate to any of them? For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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