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Badshah’s Heartless Is An Ode To His Narcissistic Self

In case you didn’t know, Badshah has a new song video called Heartless and unlike his previous songs, here he isn’t talking about women, alcohol, parties and all those necessary ingredients for a Badshah song. Intrigued, right? What the song offers isn’t something that will blow your mind but it’s the video that will leave you puzzled.

The story of the video is about a terminally ill girl whose last wish is to meet Badshah. The world knows about it and so many media outlets have lined up outside the hospital to catch a glimpse of the rapper.

In theory, that doesn’t sound so bad but the execution of this plot leaves us bemused as it turns unintentionally hilarious.

Badshah is obviously playing himself and to show his modest self, he travels in a rickshaw, pays the guy more than what the meter shows and even pats the rickshaw driver on his back to show his friendliness, I guess. If that wasn’t enough, he even donates his jacket to a man sleeping on a roadside bench. Uptil this point, we are supposed to believe that Badshah is a man with a heart of gold and mind you, as per the video he isn’t even playing a character here. That’s some self-advertising!

Badshah finally meets the little girl whose list of last wishes includes the singer rapping a lullaby to her and as soon as he starts, she falls asleep. He leaves a Filmfare trophy on her table and we’re guessing that’s what Parineeti Chopra sent? She has one Filmfare award. Has she given that away?

Source: TVF

The girl Astha, unfortunately, passes away. As the song ends, we see a barrage of bad actors lining up for their few seconds of fame. The guy who truly wins is the one who says, “Badshah, tere paas 5 minute ka time tha kya? (You didn’t even have 5 minutes) You don’t have a heart man. You are heartless.” Is that why this song is called ‘Heartless’?

his is followed by Badshah swallowing up all the hate that media is directing towards him because they think he did not meet the dying girl.

The video clearly suffers from the syndrome where privileged and loved people complain, ‘Why aren’t we loved ALL THE TIME?’. ‘We need our privacy as and when we wish’ is clearly something celebrities don’t enjoy but they are not the victims here because fame is always a double edged sword. The video turns philosophical as it ends with a quote about the real truth and here, we were reminded of Hirani’s attempt of cleaning up Dutt’s image in Sanju.

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