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Why Adulting Sometimes Becomes So Hard ?

The urban dictionary defines adulting as “To do grown up things and hold responsibilities like a 9-5 job, paying rents, paying loans and anything that one think of grownups”. This term has caught a lot of steam online and its eventually slipping into daily vocabulary.

Adulting surely is hard when you have a list of reasons that bother you. It is a step up to different lifestyle and we do stuff that we are not used to doing. Adulting also involves stepping out of the comfort zone and start living life a better, more responsible way.

Adulting, responsibilities, wiser, older
Image source: Forbes

But there are times it gets really hard to be an “adult” because of the overwhelming feeling or if you are starting anew.

Here are some of the reasons Adulting sometimes can get pretty hard.

  1. Dependence on our parents:

    Adulting, responsibilities, wiser, older
    Image source: Council on Contemporary Families

    We are used to living in our comfortable homes and not bothering about the outside world. It’s easier now but is not very much when you become an adult.

  2. Economic anxiety:

    Adulting, responsibilities, wiser, older
    Image source: Everyday Health

    When parents pay our bills we don’t really realize the value of it and when the burden falls on us, the worry leads us to economic anxiety

  3. Career and personal life:

    Adulting, responsibilities, wiser, older
    Image source: Progressive Live It Up Guide

    When we are career oriented and focus on our livelihood, we often push the opportunity of getting in to a serious relationship. This results in loneliness and struggles in a relationship.

  4. Harder to make friends:

    Adulting, responsibilities, hard, friends
    Image source: Sarah Cunningham

    Because we are mature and can point the rights and the wrongs, we often find it difficult to find genuine friends. But it’s rightly said, that one genuine friend is better than 10 wrong ones.

  5. Tough decisions:

    Adulting, responsibilities, tough, decision
    Image source: The LW Blog

    Adulthood mostly involves us taking more right decisions and expecting very fewer mistakes because in the eyes of the society, you know everything when you are an adult! Everyone expects you to make right decisions every time.

These are some of the reason for why Adulting has become hard or seems to hard. For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing

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