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What Yoga Does To Your Body And Mind

You might have heard by now that Yoga is good for your body. You might have even tried it and realized that it makes you feel better about yourself. Yoga improves both your physical and mental health conditions. It also provides you with added benefits which are pretty evident once you start practicing yoga everyday.

Here are some benefits of Yoga

  • It Improves The Flexibility Of  Your Body

yoga, health, refreshment, strengthens, stress, soul
Source: The Great Courses

Once you are used to your mundane stationary life, you will find your body paining and sometimes immobile. Yoga helps reverse this.  Moreover with the constant stretching and exercising, your body becomes more active and flexible.

  • It Builds Your Strength And Tones Your Body

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Source: Medical Daily

Source: Medical Daily

Along with the added strength you get by balancing your body in different ways, the muscles on your arms, legs, back and abdomen gets toned too.

  • You Breathe Better

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Source: Breaking Muscle

Often in our daily busy life we stop focusing on our breathing which leads to irregular supply of oxygen to all the parts of our body. Yoga helps us concentrate on our breathing with its breathing exercises which benefits our entire body

  • Reduces Stress

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When you concentrate on the exercises all the stress factors, whether big or small, melts away. This also provides a break from all the troubles in your daily life and calms your mind.

  • Increases Self Confidence

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Source: Yoga Republic

It improves your mind-body connection helping your mind to be more aware of your body moreover you start learning to accept your own body which makes you feel comfortable in your own skin thus increasing your self-confidence.

There are so many kind of yoga practices that it is possible for anyone to start. You explore your limits and do not strive for a “perfect body”. For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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