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Ordinary Stuff Which Are Of Multi-Purpose

We have so many stuff lying around the house that just cutters up the space. If we need something, we go straight and buy them rather than eyeing around the room and finding the thing that you might have needed or something that could work instead of the stuff that you were about to buy. These stuff are just ordinary things found in every person’s house, but people fail to realize the different ways they can use them.

So here’s a list of some stuff you might find lying across the house that can be of many uses

  • Jars


stuff, jars, versatile, stationery, pens
Image souce: Crate and Barrel

Jars are so versatile and you can decorate it however you want to as per your requirements and also they can be
1. Stationary holders: You can use them to hold your pens and pencils moreover dress them pretty to look good with your table.
2. Piggy bank: These jars can be of great use if you want to save your change just throw in your extra change or the money you get during festivals in there.

  • Magazines

stuff, magazine, multi purpose, uses
Image source: STACK magazines

You might have a pile of magazines lying around the house that you can put to good use
1. Wrapping paper: You can use magazine pages to give your gifts a more creative look or cover your text books and journals with them.
2. Kids projects: You can play your scrap-book game for your kids by using the pages of magazines.
3. Bookmarks: So this is a bit of a DIY bookmark so just cut whatever piece you like from the magazine into a bookmark and use them.

  • Lemon Juice

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Image source:

You can more than just lemonade out of lemons
1. Soothing throat: Having a sore throat or cough? mixing lemon and honey will clear your throat.
2. Disinfectant for wounds: Lemon juice can help stop bleeding and also disinfect small cuts or wounds
3. Lighten blemishes: If you have some blemishes on your face which are noticeable try applying some lemon juice over them to lighten them.

  • Vaseline

stuff, Vaseline, uses, comfort
Image source:

Vaseline was originally made to heal wounds and scraps but these little jars has many more uses to it.
1. Moisturizer: If you are facing dry patches on your skin Vaseline can be a light weight moisturizer for your problems.
2. Prevents rust: You can apply a good layer of vaseline to prevent corrosion of metals.
3. Chap stick: It’s a great alternative for your chap stick  just smear some over your lips for good hydration.

  • Baby Oil

stuff, baby oil, common, ordinary
Image source: LiveAbout

Baby oil is a boon for sensitive skin and also it can be incorporated into your beauty regimen and can be used for practically everything
1. Make-up remover: Soak some in a cotton ball and remove your make up in a jiffy
2. Massage oil: Use it as a substitute to massage oil also it smells good and works just as fine.
3. Smooth out zips: If you zipper is giving you a hard time, rub some baby oil over the zip and you are good to go.

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