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Why Mumbai Is The Best City In The World

Mumbai leaves a mark on one’s personality. This city is not simply called the “Land of Dreams.” From Amitabh Bachchan to Ambani, everyone has found their ladder to success in Mumbai. It is also said that anyone who has lived in Mumbai cannot live in any other city. Mumbai moreover gives a kick to the people. Here you will find great paradoxes and little joy at every turn of the road.

There are so many reasons why Mumbai makes the best city but to list, here are a few

  • You can turn your head to the sea whenever you want.

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Source: Quora

Whether its Marine lines or Worli sea face, nothing soothes your frayed thoughts than a cooling sea breeze.

  • The local trains

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Source: BGR India

Crores and crores of people travel by the Mumbai locals everyday for different purposes. If you wanna figure out a city in a matter of days, the local trains are sure to give you some good time while you explore the city.

  • It is safer for Women

city, Mumbai, women, safety
Source: India TV

Mumbai is one of the very few cities in India where it is safe for women to live. Although a few events recently has brought this into questions, it is still safer for women to roam around late nights without any creepy experience.

  • Mumbai will never let you starve.

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Source: Sana Banana –

The street food is amazing and unbelievably cheaper. It is also delicious and save your pocket big time. When in doubt, turn to Vada Pav.

  • Work hard Play harder

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Source: Tour Spot

There are so many pubs and clubs where you can hop on weekends to have good fun time relaxing after a long week of tedious job and work load. No one has fun like the Mumbaikars!

Mumbai is an unbelievable city with miracles happening at every corner and uncanny aspirations coming true. Mumbai prepares you for life and living in any place after Mumbai seems like a cake walk. For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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