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What Each FRIENDS Character Taught Us

FRIENDS have been our favorite show ever. It is still running on our mainstream television and is a proof that people still are not able to get over with the show. But it’s true that FRIENDS will always remain the show we binge watch on whenever we get time and whenever we feel stressed out. There’s also this thing about every character in the show that makes us laugh our asses off and also in a way inspires us.

So let’s check what each character of FRIENDS has to teach us.

character, FRIENDS, buddies, forever, favorite
  • Ross

character, Ross, marriage, friends, heart

Despite of marrying and divorcing 3 times in a row, Ross always was a guy who was hopeful of love. He never gave up on the idea of marriage. Moreover he was kind and sensitive and always coped with heart aches.

  • Rachel

character, Rachel, beautiful, strong
Source: The Everygirl

Despite of being a spoilt brat at the start of the show, she grew up to be a wonderful independent working woman. She also gave birth to a daughter and lived as a single mother.

  • Monica

character, Monica, neat freak, rejection
Source: BuzzFrag

Monica was a go-getter for challenges and was a neat freak. She also teaches us how rejection should not stop us from any challenges and to be there for your friends always.

  • Chandler

character, Chandler, sarcastic, jokes
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With hopeless sarcastic jokes and turning his miseries into sarcasm Chandler taught us that however and whoever you are you just need to find the right set of people, who are there by your side and understands the unique personality you have.

  • Phoebe

character, Phoebe, happy, situation, positive
Source: Fanpop

The quirkiest character in the show, Phoebe showed us how it is okay to be a little different from others. And how everybody has a happy ending to their story. She taught us to be happy in all situations and make the most out of every catastrophe.

  • Joey

character, Joey, funny, sweet, kind
Source: Bustle

Joey was a great and a loyal friend and always stood by his friends and never gave a thought about back stabbing any of his friends. He also was always supportive of his friends.

Every character has unique personality that inspires us in our real life. For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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