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DIY Home Decor Using Plastic Bottles

Now that plastic ban has been implemented since 23rd June, you might wonder what to do with the left over PET plastic bottles lying around the house as these bottles are non bio-degradable and if found dumping it anywhere, you’ll  have to pay the fine. In this situation, you can make “Best out of waste DIYS out of these plastic bottles and make your own customized home decor.

Here are a few examples you can get inspiration from if you are planning to do DIY Home Decor using PET Plastic bottles.

  1. Makeup brush holder

    home decor, brush holder, pencil-stand, stationery
    Image source: Pinterest


Instead of throwing these bottles away, you can make a DIY Makeup brush holder or also can be used a pencil stand and you can decorate and paint it anyway you want to.

  1. DIY candle stand

home decor, candles, diy, stands
Image source: DIY Enthusiasts

Cut the bottoms of these bottles and make a beautiful candle stand by decorating it with ribbons and studs as bottle ends can make beautiful candle stands for your home decor.

  1. Garden Decor

home decor, bottles, garden, plants
Image source: Tierra Este

Bottles can be excellent garden decor and this project is probably the easiest one to do. You can cut the bottles according to your liking and paint them. Then you can plant saplings in them. You can either keep it idle or hang them up to make it look more beautiful.

  1. Lanterns

home decor, lanterns, plastic bottles, uses, creativity
Image source: Dishfunctional Designs – Blogger

Turn your garden into a magical space with these colorful garden bottle lanterns by a few additions here and there.

  1. Storage containers

home decor, jars, storage, save space, uses
image source:

Old plastic bottles can be excellent storage containers plus you can decorate it however you want. So replace your kitchen storage with these really cool and very affordable kitchen storage solution.

So grab those plastic bottles from the corners of the house and put it to their best alternative uses. For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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