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We All Should Have An “Anti-Bucket” List

Clever people have a bucket list, but cleverer people have an “anti-bucket” list. We humans always have things to do and places to go before we die. We all have planned them or written it somewhere and started saving up for them. Well, that’s common but there are also some stuff people would never want to do in their life or at least planned so. That forms an “Anti-bucket” list. If you don’t have one, then you better start thinking of writing one down.

Here are some ideas you can include in an :Anti-bucket” list.

anti-bucket, bucket list, avoid, fun, different
Source: Trip Tap Toe
  • Be arrested

anti-bucket, prison, arrest, police, criminal

Who would like that? Having your name in the criminal records and being in a lock up for you don’t know how much time therefore better stay a decent citizen.

  • Be stuck on an elevator

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Source: Kings III

It’s a nightmare for claustrophobic people. Getting stuck in an elevator is the creepiest thing to happen to anyone because the anxiety that comes with it..worse!

  • Be kidnapped

anti-bucket, kidnapped, scary, alone, harmful
Source: The Express Tribune

Although it is not in our control, kidnapping is very common and it is not funny. It is better to take necessary preventives than to regret later.

  • Losing at Gambling

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Source: Roulette

Gambling is interesting when done for fun, although it is not fun anymore if we lose. Losing money or anything that we have bet is saddening.

  • Doing drugs

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Source: Shouse Law Group

Drugs has not done anything good to the human kind as it’s harmful and illegal moreover its addiction is terrifying and a lot of people lose their life to drugs. This one must be surely in your anti bucket list.

  • Get in to a mad fight

anti-bucket, fight, violence, away, cons, ignore
Source: Matt Forney

Getting yourself in an ugly fight will just arise resentment within you and everybody likes being away from such violence and you should too!

These are some of the ideas for your anti bucket list consider these and make sure you stick to it.  For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.



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