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5 best places for solo trips in India

There are somethings in life that you should do on your own, for at least once in life. Solo travelling is the new trend that is going around social media and nobody is against it. Nobody can’t say no to  adventurous adrenaline and the lust to explore new places while discovering yourself. The star-gazing and the long walks on beach sounds so serene.

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 Well, following are some places in India where you can travel solo and have the best experience in your life.

  1. Sandhan valley:

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It is referred to as the grand canyon of Maharashtra and is a trek of a lifetime. It has a tent pitching camp where food is cooked on campfires and the aroma filling the air also the activities take a maximum of five hours to finish.

  1. Manali:

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Manali is beautiful with thick pine forests and snow-clad mountain ranges. It is a must visit place for adventure and crazy people moreover the temples, monasteries and German bakeries are the best places to visit.

  1. Puducherry

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The France of India, Puducherry is a perfect place for serene and beautiful beach gateway. The food has a lot of French influence here and the beer is also very affordable making it a place to have a good culinary experience.

  1. Jaisalmer

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It’s a jewel in the Rajasthan’s crown. The camels and sand dunes give you an Egyptian effect but the forts remind you of being home. Royal havelis, safari tours are some of the things you can do in this city.

  1. Sikkim

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It is a small state on the borders of Bhutan, and is a perfect place to visit during winters. It also has hot springs which attracts a lot of tourists there.

So pack your bags and make a list of things to do when you are visiting these amazing places for your solo trips. For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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