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Rains Making You Feel Sick? These Hacks Will Make Your Monsoon A Little Better

Today we have many hacks for our daily problems we face and one such problem is Monsoon Yes! Along with the cold, breezy and incredibly romantic weather, monsoon also comes with its downsides. The bacteria in the air and that unforgivable splash of water by an over speeding vehicle while you were walking down the road. Monsoon gets pretty frustrating if you rush through crowds to get to work every morning when you just wish to sit idle on your bed and have a relaxing time. But no worries, we got your back.

Here are some hacks for those frustrating days of monsoon to make it a bit better.

1. To stop from falling sick

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Source: bon happetee

Monsoons can make any place a breeding ground for bacteria and you easily fall sick to avoid that keep sipping ginger tea or lemon-ginger juice. It’ll keep your immunity intact. You can find the recipe here.

2. If your clothes start stinking out of nowhere

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Source: Experience Life

Perfumes decide not to work during the monsoon and its high humidity. To avoid ending up in an embarrassing situation, spray your outfit with some rubbing alcohol or any alcohol for that matter. And there you have – an old outfit being as fresh as a new one.

3. To avoid shoes from getting drenched and dirty

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Source: DIY Projects

Rubbing wax over your converse will give them a waterproof effect and your shoes won’t hold any water. It’s good to carry a pack of tissues to wipe off the dunk if you are in a hurry.

4. To dry clothes faster

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Source: Cooles Tech

Monsoon with its high humidity issues gives a hard time to let our clothes dry. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process or just hang it overnight in your room with the fan on. The air from the fan will dry your clothes faster which typically would take days normally.

Such hacks are helpful for weather like this. Not to forget, monsoon is a beautiful season but we need to keep some hacks handy to combat its downsides.

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