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Things We All Do But Are Super Awkward To Admit!

We all do a set of weird things but feel it’s too awkward to admit socially. We don’t let anybody know these things in the fear of getting embarrassed or made fun of, but here’s the tea! They might have done it too but they won’t ever say just like you.

So here’s a list of things we all have done at one point in our life but would never admit.

1. When your friends ask you for a hangout but you are too lazy to go so you hit them with “My mom won’t allow.”

admit awkward friends comfort
Source: Project Be Best

We all have been there. There are days where you just don’t feel adventurous enough and find the comfort at your home more interesting.

2. Eaten a full family size serving all by yourself

admit food family eat

Guilty pleasure you know. When you just lose self-control and don’t give a second thought about the pounds you are gonna gain.

3. When you fake a laugh when you don’t get what the other person just said and hope it’s not a question.

admit laugh pretend fake
Source: How well can you relate?

What’s more awkward than this? Things we do to not seem dumb!

4. Calculating the number of hours you will get to sleep if you sleep at the exact time at night.

admit lazy calculate sleep
Source: Know Your Meme

Some of us really are night owls. And especially we lose sleep when there’s something really important the next day. Such a bummer!

5. Pretended to know someone when you clearly have forgotten their existence.

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Source: Tenor

How many times has it happened that you are walking down the road and meet someone who starts talking to you and you don’t know who they are but you talk to them anyway because why get embarrassed?

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