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Bollywood Movies Which Deserved More Recognition

There’s no denying that our Bollywood industry is the biggest movie industry in the world considering the number of movies it makes every year. In the years, we have come across so many movies which were a big hit at the box office but failed miserably to leave a mark on the audience. These ace film makers of Bollywood casting big stars and having high budget made movies which sadly, surpassed the movies which were actually good and deserved a lot more recognition than it has. Some of these many movies are:

1. Masaan

This is one of the most critically acclaimed bollywood movies. It follows a plot of two people who’s journey converge eventually. The story is unique and the actors did a really good job


2. Jaane bhi do yaaro

This movie is from 1980s and revolves around the satire of widespread corruption, bureaucracy, new media and politics. It starred the very talented naseeruddin shah, and also other talented actors  like om puri, pankaj kapoor, satish shah, etc.


3. Parched

This recently released movie directed by Leena yadav revolves around women who chase their freedom an internal village in Rajasthan. This shows the ugly face of social evils and gender roles prevalent in today’s society.

Image source: Wikipedia
Image source: Wikipedia

4. Titli

This story shows the other side of the society where violence lies uneasily. This bollywood film received critical success and was premiered at the Cannes festival.

Image source: YouTube

5. Ugly

Written and directed by anurag kashyap, this movie shows the intense and disturbing nature of human intentions. All the characters gave stellar performances due to which this movie received a lot of critical appreciation.

Image source: Koimoi
Image source: Koimoi

6. D-Day

This movie is the story of the most wanted underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim and his life. This movie keeps you glued to the screen for hours and brings out patriotism to anyone who is watching, effortlessly. A must-watch.

Image source: Wikipedia

Do you agree with this list? Let us know through your comments what are some of the underrated Bollywood movies as per you?

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