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Sony Accidentally Uploads Full ‘Khali the Killer’ Film on YouTube instead of Trailer

In an absurd case of slip-up, Sony Pictures Entertainment on Wednesday uploaded the full Khali the Killer film on YouTube instead of its red-band trailer.

The production house titled the upload as Khali the Killer: official red band trailer to inform its audience that the film is now available on DVD and digital media platforms, an America-based digital and print magazine reported.

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Source: Youtube

The 89 minutes and 46 seconds long video was uploaded on Sony’s YouTube channel on July 3 and it was available for eight long hours before finally being deleted. Entertainment news website first spotted the goof-up.

YouTube users, who missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by Sony Pictures Entertainment, can avail the movie Khali the Killer on rent from several digital platforms like Amazon.

Khali the Killer, written and directed by Jon Matthews, was first released on DVD in November 2018.This video is indeed worth watching. The story of the flick revolves around the life of a man, played by actor Richard Cabral, who takes on one final job to pay for his grandmother’s care but starts sympathising with his intended victims.

Khali the Killer is now available on numerous media platforms. platforms like Amazon and also now is available on DVD.

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