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4 Unusual Paneer Dishes for the Desi Soul in You

The soft white freshly diced cubes are one of the most important parts of the Indian cuisine. Yes, we are talking about Paneer that is also referred as cottage cheese in English. Though the procedure came from the far land of Persia but has established its Indian roots long back.

Let us explore some amazing dishes made from Paneer that is not the regulars. They are tasty and unusual wrapped in the taste of yumminess.

1. Paneer Kofta

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Mix these cubes with mashed potatoes and with spices and then fried in a ball shape. Then, they are added to a thick gravy. Something everyone will love to explore.

2. Puffs

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A perfect companion for your evening tea. The classic filling of puff is replaced by boiling these delicious cubes and mixing with a mix of masala and spinach.

3. Salads

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Mix paneer with pineapple with boiled kidney beans. Then add lettuce, salt and sprinkle the lime juice. You have your yummy and healthy salad ready.

4. Paneer Tikka Roll

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Source: TLC

Mix it with curd, garam masala, chilli powder and Kasuri methi. Then, cook for a while. Prepare paratha as the base and then wrap it after putting the filling. A delicious dish for both kids and adults.

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