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Ever Wondered What Tattoo Ink Is Made Of?

A lot of us are crazy about permanent tattoo. It’s such a trend that every other person now has one. We love getting inked and how it looks so attractive on our skin. But have we ever stopped and wondered what the ink is made of? Ever put a thought on what all chemicals go under your skin in the name of tattoo inks?

Here’s all that you are probably wondering about, now that we got you thinking about it.

All about the chemicals. Boring stuff! But very necessary to know.

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The major ingredients that a tattoo ink consists of are lead, carbon black, chromium, titanium, iron oxide and a few colouring agents which are used in the pigments. But, the type of ingredients would differ based on the colour of the ink that you choose.

Tell me you didn’t read about these chemicals in your chemistry classes? Lol, I know you’re already feeling odd about it.

Blah, blah, blah, but SO IMPORTANT!

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Since the ink pierces through the skin to the lymph nodes, it is essential to choose the ink that has the least harmful ingredients.

Doesn’t this sound like another high-school chemistry learning already? Because it definitely does, to me.

I bet you weren’t ready for this!

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The black ink components are unsafe for skin and can also cause skin cancer. Other vibrant colours consist of a plastic based substance, which can give you allergies.

Woah! I wasn’t prepared to read this, were you?

Again, can’t do without knowing this.

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Source: TattoFactory

The carrier carries the pigment of the ink to the deeper layers of skin which reach to the dermis. It is made of glycerine, menthol, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol and denatured alcohol. An alcohol-based carrier is preferred to make the whole application process simpler. It makes the skin permeable and allows more pigments to enter deep into the skin.

Can’t deal with such information already, but okay.

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