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4 Different Types Of Tea And Its Benefits

There is a reason why this aromatic drink has been the go-to-cup for everyone in this country. The consumption of tea is only second to water worldwide and thanks to the Chinese who brought it to the western world. From green tea to chamomile, from adding milk to a few drops of lemon, the different types of teas are packed full of essentials and flavonoids.

Tea has been an interesting subject of study for researchers and it has been proven that drinking a variety of teas boosts a healthy lifestyle. There are thousands of blends, each with its own aroma and flavours, and if you are just starting with it or looking up for some new tastes, here are a few popular types of teas and their health benefits:

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Source: FoodPatrika

Raspberry leaf tea is commonly brewed hot but also made into a cold water drink by adding ice and a few drops of lemon. The tea removes toxins from the blood and helps regenerate damaged cells. This is also beneficial for pregnant women as it tones and strengthens and tones the uterus. The biggest claim to fame of this aromatic drink is an ability to induce labor and reduces chances of c-section.

Black Tea

Source: FoodPatrika

Black tea is one of the most common types served without milk. The drink is globally popularised for its numerous health benefits and stress relieving components. The impressive list of benefits is low-stress levels, high immunity, and good bone health. The high amount of flavan-3-ols helps repair coronary artery diseases in heart patients and thus regular consumption can reduce the risk of heart problems.

Rose Tea

Source: FoodPatrika

The beautiful pink beverage infused with rose petal extracts is rich in anti-oxidants which helps boost the immune system, help a sore throat and possess anti-bacterial qualities.

Lemon Tea

Source: FoodPatrika

Lemon tea is a combination of black and green tea with added drops of lemon extract. The essential function that it provides is catalysing saturated fat in the body acting like a detox. For someone who occasionally consumes alcohol can benefit from a cup of lemon tea before bed. Other benefits of this drink includes helping in iron absorption, increase vitality and assist in weight loss.

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