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Ever Wondered Why Some People Never Get Fat?

I knew her routine, all food and no exercise, was it by luck or she was having a secret of weight maintenance? To all my childhood and teenage questions, I got the answer today, and I am very positive of the opinion that the following reasons will satiate you as well.

Why some of us never gain weight?

Source: Popxo

There is not just one, but numerous reasons.

#1 Missing fat enzyme.

Source: Popxo

A digestive enzyme that metabolises fat may be missing in the skinny persons, increasing the possibility of fat by simply passing through the body. The enzyme called MGAT2 functions to regulate the fat into energy or maybe into stored fat. And in the absence of this enzyme, the body may not utilise fat which would prevent obesity.

#2 Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).

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This term refers to the energy expenditure by way of your daily activities. It certainly rules out planned workouts but includes activities ranging from brushing teeth to even tapping your feet while listening to music. According to the experts, NEAT can help you burn around 4,000 calories instead of 2,000.

#3 Genetic factors.

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The set of genes present in chromosome-16 influences skinniness and obesity. It depends upon inheriting one gene from each parent, but there might be cases of duplications or missing chromosomes. When the duplication takes place, an individual has less probability to gain weight unlike the case in the absence of the gene, who are likely to gain more weight.

#4 Medical reasons for thinness.

Source: Popxo

Health problems such as hyperthyroidism, nutritional disorders, and diabetes if remain undiagnosed can prevent weight gain and call for medical attention.

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