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Kashmir – The Land Of The Unheard

What is the first thing that comes in our mind when we hear the name Kashmir? Probably snow caped mountains, the Dal Lake, Gulmarg, and so on; right? Ironically, the same is not the case for the Kashmiri Pandits who have lost touch with their homelands, with the rolling plains that used to be their home, their everything. These displaced people, or should I say, forcefully thrown out people, nearly 5 lakh in number, are shouting from bottom of their lungs but their voice has just gone unheard.

The humans of Kashmir have their mouths zipped against the shames of reservation, against the inhuman behavior that they have been facing since so many years, the silent struggle of everyday life, the identity crisis, and still resuming with their day to day activities has left them astray and their voice goes unheard.

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Source: ETNews

In 1989, mobs under the supervision of communal forces, looted properties and houses, created disturbances and also resulted in collateral damage. What was all that for? Why did they have to suffer? The tug of war between India and Pakistan to pull Kashmir in their territory is already enough trauma for the people of the valley to go through this horrific displacement. Spread across the lengths and breadths of the country like sand on a windy day, this population settled down wherever it could find a shelter to live and a place to earn.

Kashmir, kashmiri, voice, unheard, voice of the unheard, paradise, heaven on earth, struggle, pandits
Source: ETNews
With a different constitution, and an entirely different culture, it seldom gets difficult for them to mix with other cultures and human beings. The comfort of being with their own people, talking in their language and understanding their traditions is long lost. Have they ever tried to protest and come together to get their lands back? This must be a question a lot of us would want to ask; but the real question is, is it the same Kashmir now that they left behind? It is not. It is covered with armies and filled with curfews. It’s more of a battleground than a place to stay. It’s more insecure than secure. And the ancestral lands? Weren’t they forcefully sold to the militants who were trying to drive out this heard of ‘Pandits’ from the valley?

If Kashmir is called ‘Paradise on Earth’, then, are the ruckus creating militants its guardians? Are the curfews vacations? Are the unexpected bombings a cue for them to dance in their homes in panic? The rage of the trauma is still afresh in their hearts, yet they keep on repressing it because no one ever identified with their loss. It’s not easy to forget your homeland, especially when it as beautiful as ‘Kashmir’. Try listening to the voice of the unheard, identify with their grief, with their loss. They don’t need protests and candle light marches.

All they need is to be recognized rightly and to be identified as citizens of this nation. Because if citizens won’t cooperate with each other, how will the nation live in harmony? What are your views on the same? Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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