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4 Delicious Sauces That The World Is Going Absolutely Crazy For

Sauces are a godsend for cooking flavourful meals in an instant! Just drop a generous spoonful of mayo in your club sandwich or just a dollop of mustard in the chicken marinade, everything becomes heavenly, even your blatant diet food.

I’m not quite sure when the saucy trend sparked, but I rejoiced because with it came a culture of relishes, dressings, condiments and our most favourite sauces.

We rounded up a list of some of the cannot-live-without sauces that make our everyday meals more imaginative and satisfying.

Soy Sauce

Image Source: Food Masala


Eating a plate of perfectly steamed rice noodles with soy sauce is such a classy and elegant way of enjoying a healthy low-fat brunch. Take this pungent sweet sauce beyond its flavours by adding it to curries, wraps, rice and even your smoothie! Trust me, it’s more healthy than you think it is.

Tabasco Sauce

Image Source: Food Masala

Visitors to Texas often try the tabasco sauce and swear off the likes of hot sauce forever. Mothers covet it, as well. Made from tabasco pepper, vinegar and a pinch of salt, it’s majorly used in seafood and meat cooking. Thick and flavourful, it can brighten up the flavours of your evening snacks and you should definitely try some drops of it with a cheese sandwich. You can thank me later!

Salsa Sauce

Image Source: Food Masala

The fresh tangy taste of this sauce resides in a local combination of basic ingredients such as tomato, onions, cilantro, lime juice and sometimes some beans and peppers. There are many variants available that use mint and other herbs for a rich taste. All thanks to Mexicans who popularised this crunchy red sauce in the world.

Ranch Sauce

Image Source: Food Masala

A lot of people are familiar with mayo, but not as many are familiar with Ranch. Being the most popular dressing in America, it is also rising in food trends in other countries for the peculiar flavour. The best thing why every mother keeps a bottle of it in the refrigerator is because it goes with both healthy and snack food. It’s your choice, dip a carrot stick or spread a spoonful on your pizza crust, the taste only gets better with ranch sauce.

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