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Here’s Why The Hindi Dubbed Deadpool 2 Is Way Better Than The Original English One

The fight between which one is better- Marvel or DC has been going on since ages. One can undoubtedly agree that this is a debate never ending and can turn into World War III in no time. War reminds me, Marvel’s most loved and epic Deadpool 2 has already hit the theatres and has been getting tremendous response, all thanks to our reel superhero and one of the cutest superstar Ryan Reynolds.

But this time, Marvel has gone to another level when it comes to releasing the movie in Hindi by signing two shit-crazy but very versatile personalities to dub for their main roles. Yes, we all know the madman of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh has given his awesome voice and energy for the lead character in Deadpool 2. But are you aware who has dubbed for the epic character Dopinder? None other than the YouTube sensation, our Bancho, Bhuvan Bam!

You read that right. Deadpool 2, like other Marvel movies, is of course a superhero movie. But what makes it different is the humour in it. The satire, timing of the dialogue, the dialogue delivery of each character is something what has been highly appreciated.

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People often say the English and original version of Hollywood movies, especially these superhero movies, are shitty when dubbed in Hindi. But in this case, I bet to differ. Deadpool 2 in Hindi is funnier, wittier and so much better than the original one! I see that annoyed face already. But wait, before you exit this very article, read why I think so:

1. Translations:

Whoever has written the dialogues in Hindi, hats-off you human! The translations are so humorous, you’ll literally roll on the loor laughing. Every iconic Bollywood dialogue has been used, including Jai Mata Di!

2. Energy of the voiceovers:

Ranveer Singh, you beauty! He has truly done justice to Ryan Reynolds’ role. Also, not to forget, Bhuvan Bam who has given his voice for another great character Dopinder. You guys rock! Todi naikhu, fodi naikhu, buko kari naikho!

3. Just imagine an Indian Deadpool and a ‘Dhokla-Fafda-Khakhra’ Dopinder:

From Maushichii to Eni Maa Ne, every dialogue is worth a hoot and applause.

4. Every Indian can connect to and love this craziness:

Who cannot connect with Bollywood dialogues, Hindi puns, double meaning dialogues and so much more, but in a desi style!

What’s one thing that’s missing in the Hindi version is the typical Bollywood songs. Man, they would’ve been like a cherry on top. Imagine Mr. and Mrs. Deadpool dancing on some snow-clad mountains, Mrs. Deadpool in a saree with similar print to Deadpool’s suit! Okay, don’t give me death threats.

But say whatsoever, I still feel the Hindi version of the movie is so much better and bang-on than the original one. Still have doubts about the same? Watch the trailer right here:

What’s your opinion? Hindi or the original Deadpool? Write your views in the comment section below. For more such content, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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