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Race 3: The Trailer is Out And We Wonder Why?

The much-awaited trailer of Race 3 just dropped on YouTube and we couldn’t be more blown away, literally (blown by the mini-missile-like-thing Salman Khan fires). Bollywood never fails to surprise us with its out of the world and mostly driven out of Hollywood action scenes or storyline.

Here’s a list of a few things with which Salman Khan’s Race 3 has managed to keep buzzing all over the internet. Have a good laugh!

1. Law of nature. Bollywood: What’s that?


race3, salman khan
Image Source: Twitter

If you have played enough video games you know the human-like characters can carry rocket launchers. But they are video games for a reason. In the trailer, we see Salman Khan living the video game life and hitting two cars surprisingly accurately from what seems like a significant distance, with a missile launcher. Yes, you read that right.

2. Super Fast Driving Needs Hands on Steering Wheel?


salman khan, race 3
Image Source: Twitter

Certainly not in Race 3. Saqib Saleem is seen putting both of his hands out of the windows of his car to use his guns. Not to mention his car is clearly speeding but I guess keeping hands on the steering wheel is old school for Bollywood action scenes.

3. Stunts > Script


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Image Source: Twitter

History is evident that Bollywood has always prioritised songs and stunts over scripts. The same is evident in Race 3. Of course, it is a star-studded film and everyone sort of seems to be playing a significant role but nowhere in the trailer can you identify the storyline or the plot of the movie, except from a fantastically new, never heard of before line which goes, “Who needs enemies when you have a family?”

In Salman Khan’s own words, this is a kind of movie he has never done before. Clearly, he has never done action films or movies that were slightly inspired by Hollywood. Even though the trailer does give most of the movie away, we wonder who the hell is excited for this movie? We’re silently praying for this movie not to be released.

Well, we wish the Hindi cinema a better future! Oops, we forgot, their business is their business. None of our business! Sorry bhai!

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