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What You Need to Know About Christopher Poindexter

Christopher Poindexter doesn’t seem like someone who was born in the United States in this century. If you follow him on Instagram you know the influence of this man and how his writings remind us of Wordsworth or Keats. The reminiscence, however, isn’t limited to the style of poetry. Just like William Wordsworth launched the Romantic Age in English literature, Christopher has brought a revolution with a new profession of Instagram Poets. The impact of his art inspired me to gather a few facts about him and his life.

Here’s everything you need to know about Christopher Poindexter.

1. Bohemian Poet

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Bohemian poet — that’s the word Christopher Poindexter uses to describe himself on his Instagram page, where he has over 300 thousand followers. He is quite close to what millenniums call these days, ‘a Maverick’. He truly is an unconventional romantic.

2. He Doesn’t like to be called a Social Media Writer


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Though social media is the platform which helped him make a living out of writing, Christopher believes that the game on social media is easy. You write what pleases the masses and you are famous. He doesn’t want it that way. He says that when he writes longer, more personal pieces, very few people appreciate it.

3. People Get Tattoos of His Poems


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Yes,  that is exactly why I call him a revolutionist who brought this new definition and style of love for the present generation. His poems unveil the human emotions in their raw form which hit you no matter what. Be it the meeting of newfound lovers at the break of dawn or the misery of a heartbreak, he has written about it in the most mesmerizing form. This has inspired the youth to own up to their vulnerability and get his poems inked on their skin.

4. Why Does He Write?

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When asked this question, Christopher’s simple reply was,”Because I have to.”

He believes that he has to have an outlet. There is so much wilderness and chaos and love and curiosity swimming inside him that writing just becomes merely oozing. Furthermore, he feels everything about the world quite intensely and empathetically and writing is the only way he can express himself that deeply.

He is perhaps one of the few poets who are genuinely in love with the human race and the emotions that define humanity. We need more people like him who solely aim at spreading love.

You can check out his work here.

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