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6 Types of People You Find Before Exams

If there is anything a student dreads during his school or college, it’s examination time. With the ongoing peer pressure and psychological chaos you often find yourself lost as to what to do. It becomes rather hard to recognize yourself and the plan you want to implement to get the desired grades. To simplify that, I have come up with lost of 8 types of people you meet during or before your exams. Hope you are able to identify which type of person are you on this list.

1. The Sleepers


sleepy heads , before exams
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They slept not just literally but also figuratively the entire year. You will find them anywhere except for the classroom the whole time. And no, it’s not like they wake up before exams. They were born to sleep and they are okay with it.

2. The Snoozers

snooze, before exams
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These guys really want to work hard before exams to make up for the no-work they did during the classes. But it’s like time is against them. They set the alarm at 5 am but apparently, the universe doesn’t want them to wake before 9 so the alarm somehow snoozes itself.

3. The Wakers

studying, toppers, before exams
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These are the people everybody hates. Why? Because they have been awake for studies since the first class ever. That’s right they are the toppers. You know, the ones your parents keep reminding you about when you don’t score well. As much as you might dislike them, they are ones you turn to for notes before exams.

4. The ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fail’ Squad


group study, before exams
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The only ideology of this group is that Group Study is Real Study. These people just can’t study alone. They want a bunch of friends to exchange notes with, discuss last minute revision techniques with and if the odds are not in their favor, plan ideas for mastering the art of passing chits under the table.

5. The Trieres


study, try, before exams
Image Source: Pexels


This group forms the majority in any class. They are determined to score decent marks and they work hard for it. But just not hard enough, hence are often categorized as ‘The Average Squad’. You have to give them the credit for trying and trying harder a week before exams. These people often return from the exam hall with a big smile on their faces but when they see the results, the reactions are opposite.

So, were you able to find the group you belong to? Let me know in the comment section.

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