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7 Leading Ladies In Doctor Who

Recently Jodie Whittaker was announced to be the next Doctor. However, in last many years there have been some really amazing women who have played alongside our favourite time traveling alien. Here we go remembering all those lovely ladies in Doctor Who that made this series so special.

Let’s start with the latest lady in Doctor Who:

1. Jodie Whittaker

The latest Doctor. There have been mixed reactions from the Whovian community about the change in gender of The Doctor and it would be exciting to see what special flair Jodie brings to the character.

2. Billie Piper

billie piper, rose tyler, doctor who, companion, dw
Image Source: TARDIS Wikia

New Who started with Billie Piper playing the role of the Ninth Doctor’s companion Rose Tyler. She was absolutely fun to watch.

3. Karen Gillan

amy pond, amelia pond, doctor who, dw, tv series, tv
Image Source: TARDIS Wikia

Everyone’s favourite Amelia Pond. Her chemistry with Rory was something every Whovian enjoyed as well as the twist for.. Oh wait.. *spoilers!* Enough said!

4. Jenna Coleman

clara oswald, jenna coleman, doctor who, ladies in doctor who
Image Source: Cinema Blend

Jenna Coleman plays the role of Clara Oswald and is the companion for 11th and 12th Doctor. She is a bit bossy with the Doctor and has been criticised by a lot of Whovians for her controlling nature but even she has her strong moments in the series that set her apart.

5. Catherine Tate

She played the role of one of the most saddest tragedy experienced by any of the ladies in Doctor Who. Her role of Donna Noble was a plethora of emotions and she so much fun to watch on screen. Here’s a clip from Comic Relief of her and David Tennant:

She was a breath of fresh air to watch on screen.

6. Elisabeth Sladen

elisabeth sladen, sarah jane smith, doctor who, dw
Image Source: Doctor Who TV

The late actress played role of Sarah Jane Smith, one of the most loved Doctor Who companions. She made a return to the series during David Tennant’s run and we couldn’t control our joy on seeing her as The Doctor’s companion again

7. Michelle Gomez

doctor who, missy, master, dw, ladies in doctor who
Image Source: Doctor Who TV

She plays the role of evil lady Master, or to say precisely, Missy. Her portrayal of the character makes us fall for her evil side as well.

Of course this list of leading ladies in Doctor Who is incomplete and we have surely missed out on many others so feel free to mention your pick for leading ladies in Doctor Who down in the comments.

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