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About Salman Khan, Famous Things And Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies of 2018

Many Salman Khan fans fully know about Salman Khan life and what is the most famous things of Salman Khan. So here is most interesting fact about Salman Khan. Salman Khan started his journey in Bollywood in 1989 in Maine Pyar Kia Movie. This film were super hit but many films of Salman Khan gone flop. That time Salman Khan was not a big super star but in these few years his movies gone block buster and some movies braked Bollywood movies record, Now many Indian heroines want to do a movie with Salman Khan. Salman Khan is one of the star who is very famous for his good look. In 2004 he become a most sexy man in the world by USA magazine and in 2010 he reached 7th position in best looking man in the word, Also in 2017 he reached 5th position in most handsome actor in all over the world. Salman Khan age is 52 but he is still single. Before some years ego he were in a relationship with Aishwarya Rai, Unfortunately this relationship could not success for a long term. Salman Khan always ready to do help to helpless person so he started his own being human foundation in 2007. This foundation basically works for education and health.

Top Bollywood movies of 2018:

These day’s Indian cinema is going to very popular in all over the world for his movie making technique. Now these day’s we can compare to Bollywood Cinema to Hollywood cinema. Now Bollywood movie making technique going to so better from the past some years. Many Bollywood fans always wait for best Bollywood movies and they don’t know how to find a best Bollywood movies. You all can see the highest Grossing Bollywood  movie list and then you can decide to watch best movie. Here is some list of highest Grossing Bollywood movies 2018:-

1. Padmavat – 285.80 cr.

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Image Source: Movie Box Office Collection

2. Padman – 40 cr.

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Image Source: Zee News

3. 1921 – 15.92 cr.

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Image Source: Today Bollywood

4. Mukkabaz – 10.46 cr.

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Image Source: Karle Download

5. Kaalakandi – 6.34 cr.

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Image Source: Bollywood Life

6. Vodka Dairies – 1. 29 cr.

vodka diaries, bollywood, movie, indian, cinema
Image Source:

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