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Short Story: A Night In Flora’s Triangle

Here’s a creepy short story for a quick read. Enjoy!

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Oh God I knew it! I knew that we were lost. I had instructed Andy to take the route that I had suggested but as usual she didn’t listen to me and now we were lost, roaming in some deserted jungle which was a few miles away from Randy Rowan’s home. Randy had decided to thrown a big Halloween party for everyone in our school, hence everyone who is anyone was going be present over there. Randy was quite popular after all.

Our initial plan was to take Andy’s car for today and party and enjoy ourselves on Halloween. We hadn’t bothered with costumes though, yes we were one of those people who didn’t bother with costumes, stupid I know but we were self conscious people and were out to just have fun . And by ‘we’ I meant me and Andy.
I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Kavi Singhania, basically I am a 17 year old non resident of India. My family moved here to Texas a few years ago and it’s been home ever since. Sure it was a bit difficult to adjust with the culture and the accent but I guess I managed well.
Anyways back to our situation…
I looked at Andy who had a calm but confused looking expression on her lovely face.

“Andy let’s admit it, we are lost” I told her.

“But Kav trust me I remember the route, I can bet on my new dress that this was the way” she said.

I looked around at the surrounding. We were passing tress on an empty road at 9 pm in the evening, I tried to remember the route we had taken the last time we visited Randy’s house. It shouldn’t have been difficult considering that the way was pretty straight. So why haven’t we reached his home yet?

“He sure stays very far” I commented

“Kav look! See that board? I think we passed it a few minutes ago!” she said horrified pointing at a direction board.

“You must be driving in circles” I suggested.

“NO! Trust me I know which way I am going. I have been taking different turns it’s impossible to land back on the same route!”

Okay that was creepy so I tried to focus outside in the dark. Is it really possible that we were driving on the same route all this time?
As if to answer my query we passed the same direction board again.

“Something isn’t right” I mused.

We have been driving for about an hour and a half with no success and then as if the situation wasn’t enough to creep us out, Andy’s car suddenly hissed and went out of control. She tried to stop the car but the brakes failed.

We screamed as we tackled various bushes on our way, after a few moments the car finally stumbled to a stop. I don’t know if it was the accident or Andy’s high pitched scream but there was a weird humming in my ears . I tried to shake it off but it still lingered.

I looked at Andy to make sure she was OK which she was and then at our surroundings. Our car had landed in a clearing in the middle of some jungle. It was a beautiful clearing, even in the dark of the night the place looked beautiful with flowers and trees bordering the entire clearing.
But what caught our attention was the big house sitting in the middle of the clearing. The house was like a bug in the soup, the only thing ruining the beauty of the place, it was old and broken and looked abandoned and something about it was seriously off. Like it carried a sort of a black aura with it.

“Where in the world are we?” Andy asked, catching her breath after our little accident.

“I don’t know Andy but this place is seriously scaring me. Something about this whole thing is off.”

“Well what do we do now?” she asked helplessly.
The car was in no condition to move.

“Simple, we go in the house” I said.

She looked unsure of the idea. Even I looked unsure of the idea but what other option did we have? It was better than staying in the car all night, in the middle of this jungle. No matter how beautiful the place was it didn’t give me a warm feeling like Bella did when she saw the beautiful meadow with Edward. This wasn’t fiction and we had to do something and get help until we found a way out. Maybe there we people living in the house they could help us. Being optimistic was my strong trait and it usually landed me in trouble, but again we had no choice as of now.

We got out of the car and entered the house. The house was really ugly, it had broken windows and unhinged doors, the front door creaked when we opened it, making a really weird sound. Inside we saw something that stooped us dead in our tracks. A lot of things were happening at once. For starters the furniture being tattered and old, were floating in the house, the walls seemed to change colors or was I imagining it? And as if that wasn’t enough to frighten us, there was a small figure, huddled in the corner talking in gibberish. The girl was curled up in a corner, her head bent low on her knees, and she was rocking herself back and forth murmuring something softly and silently.

I looked at Andy and we had a quick facial conversation before deciding to approach the girl.

“Ummm excuse me?” I said and she ignored me, like seriously, so I tried again.

“Do you stay here? Can you help us please? Our car is wrecked and we need help to get out of here”

She still didn’t look up, we approached a little further and finally she looked up, she had a small round face with wild eyes. She shook her head as if to answer our request for help.

“I think we should leave” Andy suggested and I agreed, this place was seriously scaring me a lot now. We turned to leave but stopped when we saw that the furniture had stopped floating. There was an ominous silence in the room and the humming in my ears just increased.

“Do you hear it too?” I asked Andy. “You mean the weird humming? Yeah I think I am going to get crazy now” she replied rubbing her ears.

Suddenly the door of the house slammed shut, the air in the room stilled. We heard a scream behind us and turned to find that the girl was screaming looking at something on the ceiling. The thing we saw there chilled us to the bones. Hanging from the roof was a corpse with its teeth bared and it was snarling…at us.

We were smart people so we knew that it was our cue to run, but unfortunately we weren’t that smart because I and Andy ran in two different directions. I ran all the way into the kitchen of the house which led to me to another door. Entering the other room I was horrified to find floating balls of fire in the air. I dodged the fires to find an escape but it looked like the room was a dead end . I turned back to see that the creepy corpse had followed me in the room, it was crawling on its hands and legs. I thought This is it, I am trapped and will die soon. I backed to the wall when the thing came close to me and started to scream. Oh please god , I thought, don’t let me die!, I don’t want to die by the hands of a creepy,angry corpse wearing a stinky rag!.

As I was praying, or more like yelling and begging to god,out of nowhere I found myself in an attic. What? I looked around in the attic; it was dirty and filled with dust. The walls were covered with weird words in a language which I couldn’t read and they were written with blood. I was so scared of the whole situation that I didn’t realize that the room of the attic had opened and Andy rushed in looking wild and horrified.

short story, horror, corpse, night, flora, scary, creepy
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“Oh Thank God you’re here and wait a second I think I just exited a library, how am I here in the attic?” she looked confused.

“I don’t know Andy I just want to get out of here” I said catching my breath.

“What is this place? I don’t understand I’ve never seen a house here before and I absolutely did not see any female corpse roaming in this area either” Andy said.

The humming in my ears was now getting very painful. We looked at the attic again and I realized the door had disappeared.

“Oh God” Andy looked like she was about to start crying. I opened my mouth to tell her that we will find a way out when I was hit by an illusion. There was a sharp pain in my head and the humming increased another notch.

The vision that I saw was of the house, it may have been a few decades ago because it didn’t look abandoned to my eyes. Then the picture shifted and I saw the attic, there was a woman with a wild look in her eyes and she was scribbling something on the walls with her own blood. The vision shifted again and I saw the clearing, I mean I really saw it. It was shaped in a triangle with trees and bushes bordering it. And then I saw a family running out of the house at night, one of them was the little girl we had seen earlier and the crazy woman screaming at them from the windows of the house. All this happened within 40 seconds and when the vision cleared I collapsed on the floor breathing hard and scared.

“Kavi what happened? Are you okay?” Andy asked worriedly.

“Yeah I guess I know what happened in this house. It’s haunted Andy”

“Well duh I know that by now” she said unhelpfully.

So I told her about my vision. I told her the woman corpse we saw earlier might have been the crazy woman from my vision. I told her about the scribbling on the walls.

“What if that woman possessed the house? Or like given it a curse?” Andy suggested.

“You are in danger” We screamed when we heard the unfamiliar voice and turned to look at the girl from earlier, only this time she didn’t have a wild look in her eyes, instead she had no eyes at all,only empty sockets remained on her lovely face. We were so terrified that we didn’t realize what she had said.

I was already trembling all over from my vision and now looking at this girl I think I might pass out, which would have been embarrassing so I held on to my will.

“Who are you? And where are your eyes?” I asked the girl, she looked at us sadly and said “Flora took it”

“Flora?” I and Andy asked in unison.

“Yes the corpse that you had seen earlier? She was Flora, this is her mansion, she was my aunt before she went crazy. I am Sarah” Sarah said.

“What do you want from us?” I asked her.

“Don’t worry I am here to help you. You see this place is cursed, my aunt Flora was mentally ill, she went crazy and one day she tried to kill me as a sacrifice for whatever black magic she was doing, it was clear she worshiped the devil and she wanted to kill me and offer him. But my father found us on the right time and rescued me and we ran from the house. After a few days we learned that Flora had died and she had cursed the mansion and it’s clearing. Hence, every year on the day of Halloween the curse would work its magic and suck anyone who happen to pass by from this route under the clearing. This magic transfers people into another world. Flora’s world,where she scarifies people and you are unfortunately her target this Halloween.”

“Oh God a crazy psychotic ghost is after us? And why would you want to help us?” Andy asked

She looked at us sadly and said “Because I don’t want you to end up like me. After the whole incident when Flora died, my family suffered a lot, illness and disease had taken over my parents and my brother went crazy, slowly we all died after a few weeks.”

“I am sorry for your loss” I said feeling sad for this girl who had gone through so much worse but was still trying to help us.

“How do we get out of here?” I asked

“You see this place is called Flora’s triangle because of the clearing and its shape. But that’s not it. The clearing has a life of its own, the shape is what does the magic and sucks people under its spell and brings them here. You need to use it to your own benefit, the triangle is what brought you here because it’s like a border, a door between two worlds and you need to use it to get out of here too.”

“Okay but how?” Andy queried. I was ready to do anything to get out of this place.

“You need to find the right tree. One of the trees have the power to use this magic, you need to find that tree and imagine yourself being back in the human world. If you are able to do it then you won’t come here again but if you fail then you’ll be stuck here forever ” Sarah said.
I shuddered thinking about the creepy corpse finding us.

“I can’t hold her off any longer you need to get out of here right now”
With that she disappeared into thin air, we looked around and saw the door of the attic reappear. We ran from the house wanting to get out of here before Lady Corpse came behind us. We exited the attic and entered another room. Huh? The room looked like an office so we ran back to another door and came across the library. And after that the basement, then the kitchen and then to a bedroom. How was this possible? Was this house playing some game with us? Or was it Flora? Probably the latter, I thought . By the time we got the tour of the whole house we were tired and scared.

“Now what do we do?” I asked Andy and she looked back at me with helpless eyes.

“I don’t know, but we need to get out of here”

I remember Sarah saying that this magic always took place on the night of Halloween, was it possible that this night was all the time we had to get out of here? Then that left us with an hour from midnight.

“We need to hurry and get out of here before midnight” I told Andy and she agreed. I thought about the house and its changing patterns, we have been roaming from one room to another only to end up back in the same room. If Flora was controlling the house then she won’t ever let us get to the front door so that left us with only one option.

“Andy, the windows! We won’t be able to get out of the house through the door, we need to use the windows!”

“WHAT! But it’s too high” We looked down from the window of the kitchen and sure enough it was too high but what other option did we have?

“We have to” I told her and slowly one by one we crept down from the windows, when we reached a little below we jumped down onto the grass and ran for our lives.

Sarah had told to find the tree, we looked around wildly to find the right tree but stopped dead when Lady Corpse appeared out of nowhere, and she was hunched up on Andy’s car.

“Get off my car lady!” Andy shouted angrily. It had the desired effect because Flora or better defined as Flora corpse got off the car, but then came running behind us. We screamed and ran in the other direction, trying to escape from her. I looked out frantically to find the right tree as we now had only 45 minutes to escape. I and Andy parted ways and ran in two different directions, confusing Flora as to who should she follow first and she decided it was going to be Andy. Andy screamed and ran all the way to the right. This got me a few minutes to run back to the car and try to fix it. The tires of the car were torn but not too badly, I started the engine but nothing happened, I tried it again and again but still it didn’t start. Finally I left the engine running, got out of the car and kicked it hard. This did the trick and the engine roared to life and I got in the car. I looked around and tried to figure out the right tree. I looked more closely around the clearing before I finally heard it. The humming noise, it was coming from a tree which was straight ahead.

I realized what I had to do now, though my plan was a little crazy. I shouted at Andy who was running for dear life and the Lady Corpse almost reaching her. She understood my expression and turned direction, in a circle and started running towards the car. Fortunately she was running from the opposite direction of the humming tree so I met her half the way, she got in the car and we drove ahead to the tree. We slammed into Flora Corpse and halted. I started the engine again before she could reach to us and drove straight through the tree, imagining that I was back in Texas.
It worked, the humming in my ears increased and after slamming into a few more bushes we landed in the same route we had come from.

I looked at Andy and she looked at me. We were so shocked with relief that we didn’t notice the tree behind us break. It fell onto the ground. Huh? Now what’s that supposed to mean?

Well frankly I didn’t care I was relieved to come back to our world.This had been a scary right, one that me and Andy were never going to forget but fortunately after that everything went back to normal, we decided to chuck Randy’s party and go back to our homes. Naturally Andy’s mom was horrified with the condition of her car and grounded her for a month. I felt sorry for my friend at that moment. But that night when I was off to bed I had a dream, Sarah was with me in the dream only this time she had eyes, beautiful green eyes and we were back in the clearing, it was day time and it looked beautiful and peaceful. And the best thing was that the house was gone, it must have disappeared somewhere.
“I need to thank you” Sarah said. “You broke the tree when you left that place, so you broke the magic of the curse too, Flora won’t be able to catch any more people now and you have freed us from our bonds with the house, now me and my family can rest in peace”

“I should be thanking you. You are the one that helped us get out of that horrible place”

She looked at me smiling and said “I had known someone would come and help us and I am happy it was you, the house had killed many people throughout the years every Halloween, now it’s over, and the curse is gone now. You needn’t worry about it any longer. And we won’t be seeing each other again Kavi, hope to see you in Heaven” with that she disappeared and true to her word I never saw her again.

But the whole incident had marked something in me and Andy. We will never be able to forget it ever in our lives and the horrible face of Flora. But this taught us one thing, that life is full of surprises and unexpected things, we might face such incidents in our life but our will is what will help us to escape. We never ever faced the same creepy things near that route again and hopefully we never will. Why had Flora gone crazy? No on one knew the answer but whatever it was, it must have been horrible enough to scare her into craziness. Anyways this was the end of our Halloween incident, and we have been living a peaceful life since then.

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