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Struggles Every Tomboy Faces

Tomboy girls are 1 in a 100 but when you see one, you already know you are going to have a loud and clear talk now and she will lead you through everything in life. The cheerfulness and an outgoing structure makes you attracted to every tomboy in your life. But if there are itchy people around you, we know the pain. And if you are one of them, then this post is dedicated to you dear cool girl because we know you and people around you.

1. Your clothes are hard to handle: Tomboy

tomboy things, tomboy, shock, watch out, tomboy struggles

2. Wearing heels is such a bliss: Tomboy

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Your only pair of heels is the biggest enemy as you have to get out of your comfy sneaker. But ou do agree you can give this pain a worthy shot as you look good and unusual.

3. Yes, party. Let us do our hair: Tomboy

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When you have to go on a party or function and there’s no way you can wear a bun. Sigh sigh.

4. Male friends all around: Tomboy

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The only relief, away from drama,  a countryside trip with your guy friends.

5. Weird, is the word you hear from itchy women around you: Tomboy

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6. You don’t understand: Why makeup ad jewelry?

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You are a natural being going without makeup. You look perfect that way and keep your heads high and shoes low.

All the best all you tomboy girls out there. You are loved by genuine people. Have fun cool people.


Deepra Gagneja
Deepra is extremely talented and dedicated writer who loves to write about anything random under the Sun!

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