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A Brutal Stampede On Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road Railway Station Kills Numerous People. Mumbaikars, Stay Safe

An hour stampede throughout a fast monsoon cloudburst at Elphinstone Road railway-station in India’s financial hub of Mumbai killed a minimum of 22 individuals and wounded more than 30 people, an Indian state official said on Friday.

The reason for the stampede on a bridge at the city’s central Elphinstone station throughout the storm was being investigated, a police official at the accident site stated.

“Two of the injured are in serious condition”, said Deepak Sawant, the health minister of the western state of Maharashtra surrounding Mumbai, who provided the estimate of casualties.

The stampede materialized once the pelter caught commuters off guard, prompting scores to scurry for cover below the roof of the station’s pedestrian overbridge, said Akash Koteja, one of the wounded individuals. “Trains were rolling in and some people wanted to get out of the station, but others were not making way. When a few tried, it led to a stampede”, said Koteja.

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Image: Hindustan Times

The bridge is sometimes jammed at that point of day, because it additionally is an exit route for passengers obtaining off trains at an abutting railway-station, he added.

Manish Mishra, a witness who helped a number of the harmed, said things was worsened as police and emergency officers failed to respond instantly or enforce control measures.

Police and emergency officers weren’t instantly accessible for a comment Mishra’s statement. The wounded sufferers have been taken to the nearby government hospital for further treatment.

This is not the first incident in Mumbai, especially in terms of rail accidents. Many people have lost their lives in several such incidents. It will take some time for the situation to be under control. People are advised to travel wisely and be safe.

Mumbaikars, it is high time we travel sensibly and help others in such situations rather than creating a havoc which results in nothing but sheer death of innocents. All we can do is HOPE things would be better some or the other day, provided we act responsibly.

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