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Best Of 5 All India Bakchod (AIB) Videos That You Can Watch Over And Over

The group “All India Bakchod” was initially founded by Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhat and was later joined by Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya. AIB has come a long way from featuring podcasts and posting videos on YouTube to establishing itself as India’s popular comedy network. They got pretty famous and THE most talked about lot after their roast show organized featuring Karan Johar as the host with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor as subjects of the roast. Their series on Hotstar “On Air with AIB” has been a great hit, and their fans wait for yet another season to go on air soon enough. These guys have the wittiest sense of humour and entertain their audience through Snapchat as well as Instagram.


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Compiled below are top 5 best of All India Bakchod (AIB) videos (though all their videos and podcasts are also amazing):

1. AIB: Honest Indian Flights

This would happen in an Indian flight IF EVERYONE SPOKE THEIR MINDS in this unapologetically hilarious video.

2. AIB: Alia Bhatt – Genius of the Year

After being trolled for every single thing, Alia Bhatt shuts down her haters in this absolutely hilarious AIB piece.

3. AIB: Honest Indian Weddings (Part 1)

With Honest Indian Weddings Part 1 as well as Part 2, the team rocks it all. Each dialogue reflects what is actually in the minds of Indian families while arranging a match and planning their wedding.

4. AIB: Every Bollywood Party Song feat. Irrfan

This is a parody of Honey Singh’s famous song ‘Party All Night’, the brilliant Irrfan Khan rips apart ‘party songs’ and makes all of us laugh our asses out!

5. AIB: The Times of Boobs

The concept in this video is a hilarious take on click-baiting and sexist journalism, which leaves the question lingering that ‘Are we receiving actual news or just marketing?’.

I’m gonna go watch an AIB episode now, meanwhile you let us know about your favourite AIB video in the comments below. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing.

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