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These Adorable Raksha Bandhan Ads Will Make You Hug Your Siblings Super Tight

Siblings, they surely are a huge pain in ass. Especially the younger ones. Always demanding from the elder siblings as if we earn trillions of dollars every month. But no matter how much ever they annoy you, irritate the shit out of you or fight with you, you just cannot hate them, can you? And especially when this festival  Raksha Bandhan, also known as – when your sister ties you a thread and ads up being super heavy on your pockets, is around, you tend to see all those lovey-dovey brother-sister, sibling bond ads on television.

These ads make you a bit emotional for a moment and then you hit the reality: ‘Kya ch*tiya hain yeh!’ But we’re sure these adorable and creative Raksha Bandhan ads will surely make you go hug your siblings super tight. Have a look.

1. Let’s break the stereotypes

This is my personal favourite ad. I don’t have a brother, and hence every year, my sister ties a rakhi to me. This is dedicated to all you lovely #BitchesForever.

2. Your SHEro

She has been protecting you from everything and everyone, hasn’t she? Go, hug her tight and let her know how special she is to you.

3. Bro-zoned, but for good

Let’s not say anything for this. I’d suggest you to simply watch this one.

4. These cute little munchkins will melt your hearts

Travel down the memory lane and recall all your childhood shenanigans with your siblings.

5. Old or young, you’d always need your siblings

Love never fades. With age, it just nurtures and increases all the more. This one is the proof.

These ads have surely made us nostalgic. Mention your views in the comment section below. But before that, go hug or hit your siblings hard and show your love in your own unique way.

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