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The Shallows 2016 Movie Review

Make sure you carry extra pair of shorts when you watch this movie because this shark will definitely give you the chills. The Shallows is an American movie which revolves around a dropout med student vs a shark. The movie begins with Nancy ( Blake Lively) is browsing through her phone which has mother’s pictures who is on a beach which is mexico and is hidden from the world and known to a few.

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Nancy is drop out medical student and is here to find something her mother spoke about. This hidden beach is where he mother was when she was pregnant with Nancy and hence this beach is very special to Nancy. Nancy hitchhikes with a local guy called Carloz (Oscar Jaenada) and he drops her to this beach. She mesmerises the view and prepares to surf. She hits the waves and meets two locals who have been surfing there since a while now. As the two guys retreat to the shore, Nancy awaits for a final wave to hit. Apperntly she finds something unusual and swims a little further in the sea and notices a dead Ocra which is badly bit and scratched. As she is just looking at it, something bites her leg. She tries to retreat to the shore the Shark which the size of an ocean liner hits her again and she is thrown off her board and hits the reefs beneath and hurts herself badly. There is a reef that comes up during a low tide and she retreats there. Trying to save herself from the shark and the cold that is creeping her in she sees someone on the shore, shouthing at him to call for help, she indicates him that she has a phone and a bag on the shore. But unfortunately the person she is trying to indicate is an intoxicated man who takes the phone and all the cash from Nancy’s wallet. When he tries to retreat, he notices Nancy’s surfboard flapping in the water and tries to steal that too. But unknown to whats waiting underwater, he leaps in the water and is torn like a paper by the shark.

Just a few hours left for high tide, she notices the two local surfer that she met the previous day. She tries to indicate and warn them about the shark but due to language barrier they cant understand each other. One of the surfers has a Action camera attached to his helmet where he is recording everything. Trying to save Nancy, both of them lose their lives. Somehow Nancy manages to grab the helmet with the action camera and record a video and tries to throe it as far as possible so that someone might get that on time. With just a few more minutes for the high tide, Nancy notices the water buoy nearby which just a minute of swim away. She takes the leap and successfully grabs it only to attract the shark towards it. She somehow manages to open the container in the buoy and takes a flare gun to indicate. Fighting and killing the shark with the help of the flare gun and buoy she saves herself.

The Shallows is one hell of a movie that you cannot miss. Have you seen The Shallows yet? What are your views on the same? Do mention them in the comment section below. Till then, stay glued for more such nothingness.

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