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Best Water Sports In The World That You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime

Adventure! Who doesn’t love it? In this hot summer, we’d all love to swim and try out some exciting water sports. There are some amazing water sports around the globe that are you ought to try at least once in this lifetime.

For those who enjoy the tranquility and sanity of the water world, and want their life to be a water touch adventure, must experience the thrill of water sports around the world. Find out your interests and go for the same.

1. Jet Ski in Miami, USA

With a trendy vibe and the chance to mingle with celebrities, Miami beach on sunny coast of Florida is among the world’s top jet ski locations. Jet ski tours can take you to islands dotting Miami’s coastline and film locations.

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The fact that you might find yourself in the company of dolphins, and the rich art culture of the city make Miami jet skiing a truly unique experience.

2. Surfing in Hoddevik, Norway

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Thanks to recent advances in wetsuit technology, surfing in the icy waters off Norway is not just possible but wholly enjoyable. There are zero crowds and the beaches are wild and rugged – in natural amphitheatres with steep majestic mountains all around.

3. Windsurfing in Spain

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You can go windsurfing all year round in Spain. The pleasant year-round temperatures in the Canary Islands mean that you can sail whenever you want and have the best time of life.

4. Freediving in Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Islands, Bahamas

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It has a reputation for being the greatest freediving location on the planet,” he says. “Its deep, warm and calm waters are literally a step off the beach, providing the best environment to attempt to break national or world records.

5. Wakeboarding in Aquaski Park, Costa Rica



It’s a private man-made lake that is 3,500ft long, set among coconut palms and orange trees overlooking the Arenal Volcano. Catch a whiff of the tropical flowers as you skim over the water’s surface. If you want to mix things up, head to the coast and go surfing.

6. Kitesurfing in La Ventana, Baja California

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Situated near the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California is La Ventana, through which winds cross the gulf of California, known locally as the Sea of Cortez – a sea declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its biodiversity and scenic beauty. And you would surely want to kitesurf in that.

7. Waterskiing in Rhodes, Greece

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The Aegean Sea surrounding the Greek island of Rhodes provides the best site for  water skiing. The calmer waves of the east help absorb all the ancient beauty of the island.

Every water sport has a unique skill requirement which one must embrace in order to enjoy the adventure sport to the fullest. Also, scuba diving is another amazing sport one can happen to perform easily.

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