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Advertisements And Their Jingles That Made Our Childhood So Much Awesome

Advertisements, don’t we just love the creativity of them? The one who has something catchy in them stay in our minds forever. Remember those amazing advertisements with such unique and peppy jingles, which we used to sing all day long? We still have a memory of that, don’t we?

Let us give you a nostalgic tour of your childhood by these awesome, creative and unique advertisements and their jingles, which we still remember and sing along with our friends. Be ready to sing them along.

1. Airtel

This melodious tune can just be created by the master of music, A.R. Rahman. This advertisement is so much better than Airtel’s current one, featuring that annoying girl.

2. Close-Up

Mugdha Godse featuring in this one, remember the way they say Haiiinnnn?

3. Pepsi

Remember the tune, ‘Oye bubbly, oye hoye bubbly.. Be my lover bubbly!’

4. Ponds

Still feel like doing ‘Googly Woogly Woosh’ to your loved ones?

5. Vodafone

‘You and I, in this beautiful world’, still gives such a nice feeling and a warm smile.

6. Vicco

Each advertisement of this specific brand is so weirdly peppy. Especially the ending ‘Vicco Vajradanti’. 

7. Amul

The very first ad by Amul is such a catchy one.

8. Hero

Remember ‘Hum mein hain hero?’ What a motivational ad. Thank you Hero for this one.

9. Nirma

This has to be the most evergreen advertisement of all the times.

10. Bajaj Scooters

Who does not remember ‘Hamara Bajaj!’ 

These advertisements made our childhood so awesome. Better than meaningless and senseless Bollywood songs. Nostalgic enough? So are we. Share this post with your friends. Did we miss out on something? Mention in the comment section below. Till then, stay glued to our page for more such nothingness.

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