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Must Visit Places In Singapore On Your Next Trip

Singapore is the land of the orchids and beauty. The most organized, clean, and the safest place to stay, is Singapore itself. With people so considerate and calm, with the weather so amazing and loving, the scenic beauty so mesmerizing, this place is a pack of architectural wonders and heightened must visit areas.

1. Singapore Flyer

must visit places in singapore, singapore flyer

Singapore Flyer is a one of the largest Ferris Wheels in the world. The best is, the view it provides when you are inside one of its capsules. Amazingly structured.


When you enter the ferris wheel building.

And then..

must visit places in singapore , view from singapore flyer.

And this is the view you get  when you are on the top of Singapore enjoying the great ride in the flyer.

2. Gardens by the bay

gardens by the bay , singapore , singapore gardens by the bay , gardens in singapore , must isit places in singapore
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Set in the heart of the city, gardens by the bay is a nature park with amazing natural beauty and botanics. The scenic sense of a person gets awakened and an amazing place to spend the day with you friends and family. There are many attractions inside the gardens space, as the cloud forest, skyway, lakes, sculptures, and much more.
Must visit places in singapore, Gardens by the bay

Most natural and amazing beauty of flowers and grass has been shown in these gardens.

3. Sentosa Island

sentosa island
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The island of fun and adventure awaits for you all the time. There  is enjoyment, fun, amazement, and so loads of experiences to make. This is a whole new world full of exciting activities to do. It is like the la la land of Singapore.

In Sentosa itself, there are many more places to go and have the best time.

1. Universal Studios

must visit places in singapore , universal studios, universal studios singapore.
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2. Dolphin Lagoon

dolphin lagoon , best places to visit in singapore
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3. S.E.A. Aquarium

must visit places in singapore , sea aquarium

This is the largest in the world.

4. Beaches

must visit places in singapore , palawan beach , beach n singapore
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And much more to go.

4. Marina Bay Sands

marina bay sands , must visit places in singapore
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To enjoy the height of the life, to enjoy the light of the night, and to savour the lazer show just don’t think, and pack your bags to visit this beautiful place in Singapore.

5. Adventure Sports

must visit places in singapore , kayaking
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You can possibly go for cycling anywhere and everywhere around the place. Kayaking is another popular one. And as you go, you realize the fun of those sports.

6. Orchard Road

Image courtesy:
Image courtesy:

Go for this place if you are a mind blowing, crazy spender on clothes and more

Spend time knowing the city and the people, beautiful places, buildings, Universities with great campuses, and the streets. You will love this place.

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